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TODO list for s3cmd project
- Before 1.0.0 (or asap after 1.0.0)
- Make 'sync s3://bkt/some-filename local/other-filename' work
(at the moment it'll always download).
- Enable --exclude for [ls].
- Allow change /tmp to somewhere else
- With --guess-mime use 'magic' module if available.
- Support --preserve for [put] and [get]. Update manpage.
- Don't let --continue fail if the file is already fully downloaded.
- Option --mime-type should set mime type with 'cp' and 'mv'.
If possible --guess-mime-type should do as well.
- Make upload throttling configurable.
- Allow removing 'DefaultRootObject' from CloudFront distributions.
- Get s3://bucket/non-existent creates empty local file 'non-existent'
- Add 'geturl' command, both Unicode and urlencoded output.
- Add a command for generating "Query String Authentication" URLs.
- Support --acl-grant (together with --acl-public/private) for [put] and [sync]
- Filter 's3cmd ls' output by --bucket-location=
- After 1.0.0
- Sync must backup non-files as well. At least directories,
symlinks and device nodes.
- Speed up upload / download with multiple threads.
- Sync should be able to update metadata (UID, timstamps, etc)
if only these change (i.e. same content, different metainfo).
- If GPG fails error() and exit. If un-GPG fails save the
file with .gpg extension.
- Keep backup files remotely on put/sync-to if requested
(move the old 'object' to e.g. 'object~' and only then upload
the new one). Could be more advanced to keep, say, last 5
copies, etc.
- Memory consumption on very large upload sets is terribly high.
- Implement per-bucket (or per-regexp?) default settings. For
example regarding ACLs, encryption, etc.
- Implement GPG for sync
(it's not that easy since it won't be easy to compare
the encrypted-remote-object size with local file.
either we can store the metadata in a dedicated file
where we face a risk of inconsistencies, or we'll store
the metadata encrypted in each object header where we'll
have to do large number for object/HEAD requests. tough
Or we can only compare local timestamps with remote object
timestamps. If the local one is older we'll *assume* it
hasn't been changed. But what to do about remote2local sync?
- Keep man page up to date and write some more documentation
- Yeah, right ;-)
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