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karrot Roadmap

Only major features and improvements will be listed here.

Current Development (higher priority)

We are working on this either right now or pretty soon in the future. Should be implemented in the next few months.

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Ready for development (lower priority)

Issue is understood well enough for development to start, but not currently assigned to a developer.

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Current discussion (higher priority)

We want to work on this in mid-term future. We need to think about it more before we can implement it, so active discussion is highly welcome. Feel free to join in!

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Discussion (lower priority)

Quite a bit in the future (~1 year), haven't been discussed very much. If one of those is more important to you than those in "Current discussion", please contact us!

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Ideas / Brainstorming

Rough ideas, have been mentioned by someone.

  • Public landing page for groups (improvement of groupPreview page)
  • Add "to do" events (generalized from pickup date)
  • Make stores groupable in custom categories, offer different colored map markers per category and history filter options
  • Sharing of things: text+image with a tag system
  • Undo functionality for changes
  • Work teams for groups (foodsaving platform)
  • Quiz
  • Make karrot into a multisharing platform