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Plug thing into computer then:

ip link set can0 type can bitrate 125000
ifconfig can0 up

System dependencies are:

  • python3
  • pip
  • virtualenv (optional)
  • the can driver thing (not sure the name or how to check, hopefully it's just in your kernel already)

Create and activate virtualenv:

virtualenv --no-site-packages env
source env/bin/activate

Install the libraries:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Create a config file (e.g. config.ini) based on defaults.ini with your desired configuration.

Run it:

python config.ini 

Format code (pip install yapf first):

yapf --style chromium -i

Cannelloni for using network CAN adapter

In the deployment where this tool was written for, we use Cannelloni to be able to share one CAN adapter in the network (and to have the bus available without connecting something physically to your computer).

To use this (with TCP for reliability over wifi), you need to have lksctp-tools package installed before building cannelloni. Then, do

(server side, e.g. raspberry pi)

cannelloni -S s -I can0 -t 10000

(client side, e.g. your computer, exchange the IP address of the one of the server)

sudo modprobe vcan
sudo ip link add name vcan0 type vcan
sudo ip link set dev vcan0 up
cannelloni -S c -R -t 10000


  • tolerance if can interface is missing
  • tolerance if influxdb is not available
  • gracefully close the node when it restarts/exits
  • don't request node info all the time, cache it and then add it into incoming node status updates, maybe periodically get it fresh again
  • report health information if influxdb is unavailable
  • make sure the restarting works when run in a systemd environment