A universal player that is compitable with Media Fragment 1.0 (basic)
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Synote Media Fragment Player, use Media Fragment with ease.

What is Synote Media Fragment Player

Synote Media Fragment player is a jQuery plugin (and a polyfill) that enables the replay of [media fragments] (http://www.w3.org/TR/media-frags/). parses the media fragment URI and automatically highlights the temporal and spatial fragments by using the APIs provided by cross-browser HTML5 MediaElement.js player. By doing so, you can play the media fragments not only from online multimedia files, but also online video sharing platforms, such as YouTube and Dailymotion. We also created a wrapper to help you choose the correct type of the and based on the URL of the file or social media.

Build from the source

You need to setup python on your computer to compile the resource. Delete the original files in build folder, but leave the following three files:


Then, in the src folder of the source code, execute in command line:

  python Builder.py      

Then the related javascript and css files will be minfied and put into the build folder. Please note that the Flash and Silverlight player will NOT be compiled with Builder.py. So if you change any Flash and Silverlight source code, you need to compile them yourselves and put it under build folder.


Version History

v1.0 (07/10/2013)

  • Fix a bug that multiple players cannot be initialised on the same page
  • Add getOptions function
  • Add support for initialising subtitles in multiple languages
  • Update the demo page

v1.0-alpha (02/04/2013)

  • First public version for test
  • Use [medialement.js] (http://mediaelementjs.com/) as the backend cross-browers player.
  • Automatically parse media fragment URI.
  • Automatically select media type based on the media fragment URI, such as video/mp4.
  • Highlight spatial fragment.
  • Provide APIs to play temporal fragments and highlight spatial fragment.

Features to be implemented