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Emacs + LaTeX for ECE 486
Why emacs?
In a nutshell: emacs is arguably the most powerful editor on earth.
More details: The emacs key bindings are widely used in other applications.
For example, terminals on Linux/Mac support emacs-like navigation; Matlab also
ships a built-in emacs keyboard shortcut.
What is included?
Inside N:\labs\ECE486\ece486_Emacs_LaTeX folder:
- emacs_latex.7z (available on lab computers only)
- signature.sha256 (available on lab computers only)
- public_key.pem (available on lab computers only)
- (available on lab computers only)
- Reeeaaaaddddme.txt (this file) (available on lab computers/github repo)
Note: Read '_emacs' file in github repo so you can have your own setup.
How to use this?
(1) Verify 'emacs_latex.7z' package
The 'emacs_latex.7z' zip has been signed by Yün. You can use openssl to
verify the package. Follow the steps below,
(1.1) Start command line prompt and 'cd' to where 'openssl.exe' resides.
We shipped with this file a zip file for openssl windows binaries.
(1.2) Issue commands below, modify <pub_key>, <sig_sha256> etc. accordingly.
(<pub_key> = public_key.pem and <sig_sha256> = signature.sha256)
# decode signature
>openssl.exe base64 -d -in <sig_sha256> -out <tmp_sign.sha256>
# verify signature
>openssl.exe dgst -sha256 -verify <pub_key> -signature <tmp_sign.sha256>
(1.3) You should see 'Verified OK' if the package is intact.
In case the included openssl zip has been tampered, it is available
In case the public key has been tampered, it is posted here
(2) Unpack 'emacs_latex.7z'
You might need 7-Zip from
Once 'emacs_latex.7z' is unpacked, you will see four folders:
- emacs25 (editor)
- hunspell1323 (spell checker)
- miktex29 (TeX suite)
- SumatraPDF312 (PDF viewer)
(3) First use
No installation is needed. This setup is completely portable and can be used
on USB flash drives.
(3.1) (Optional) Go to 'emacs25' folder and rename '_emacs' to '.emacs'.
(3.2) 'emacs_launch.bat' alongside '_emacs' is the app launcher. Please
read this file first. You may want to create a desktop shortcut by
right click --> 'send to desktop'.
(3.3) Once emacs is up, drag and drop '_emacs' file into emacs window and
read '_emacs' carefully. It is a detailed how to.
Known setup problems
(1) Inverse search feature requires a correctly set value for
'InverseSearchCmdLine' in 'SumatraPDF-settings.txt' (in 'SumatraPDF312'
InverseSearchCmdLine = "<WHERE>\emacs_latex\emacs25\bin\emacsclientw.exe" -n
+%l "%f"
Depending on where you unpacked 7z package, you might want to hard code the
absolute path for 'emacsclientw.exe'.
(Fixed. See 'emacs_launch.bat' file.)
(2) On Win 10, similar to problem (1), you might need to hard code where
'SumatraPDF.exe' is in the '_emacs' file (line 313). Win 7 does not have
this problem.
(Fixed. See '_emacs' file, line 316.)
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