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%% MATLAB function tutorial
% multiple functions in a single file
% 2015-09-03
% Y\"un Han
% ECE 486 Lab
%% outer loop function
% keyword function, keyword FUNCTION_NAME are necessary
function dummyFunction
% dummy outer function calls another function within the same file. This
% immediate documentation line after function FUNCTION_NAME will be shown
% as preview in file explorer
clear % clear var values in workspace
clc % clear messages in command window
% call another function in the same file
[m, n] = dummyFunction2
end % you can comment it out
%% nested function
% () were omitted in dummyFunction since there are no input arguments, []
% can also be omitted if there are no output arguments
function [a, b] = dummyFunction2()
a = 1;
b = 2;
disp('hello from a dummy function2')
end % you can comment it out
% Problem 1: run this file, why 'hello from a dummy function2' comes BEFORE
% m, n values displayed in command window?
% Problem 2: go to PUBLISH tab and try 'publish' button with this snippet.
% Can you format the code with proper table of contents, headlines and
% titles/subtitles? (hint: see PUBLISH MARKUP in matlab documentation)