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YunoHost build chain for armbian images
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Debian based Linux for ARM based single-board computers

YunoHost notes

The patches in userpatches trigger the pre-installation of YunoHost at the end of the build to produce images suitable to distribution in the context of the YunoHost project. Various tweaks are also applied (e.g. remove some branding of 'Armbian').

Building-wise, it was found to build correctly with :

(Also required : apt install qemu-user-binfmt binfmtc binfmt-support psmisc)

Then, simply git-clone this repo and run

How to build my own image or kernel?

Supported build environment is Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 x64 (minimal iso image).

  • guest inside a VirtualBox or other virtualization software,
  • guest managed by Vagrant. This uses Virtualbox (as above) but does so in an easily repeatable way,
  • inside a Docker, systemd-nspawn or other container environment (example),
  • running natively on a dedicated PC or a server (not recommended),
  • 20GB disk space or more and 2GB RAM or more available for the VM, container or native OS,
  • superuser rights (configured sudo or root access).


apt-get -y install git
git clone
cd build

Make sure that full path to the build script does not contain spaces.

You will be prompted with a selection menu for a build option, a board name, a kernel branch and an OS release. Please check the documentation for advanced options and additional customization.

Build process uses caching for the compilation and the debootstrap process, so consecutive runs with similar settings will be much faster.

How to report issues?

Please read this notice first before opening an issue.

How to contribute?

  • Fork the project
  • Make one or more well commented and clean commits to the repository.
  • Perform a pull request in github's web interface.

If it is a new feature request, don't start the coding first. Remember to open an issue to discuss the new feature.

If you are struggling, check this detailed step by step guide on contributing.

Where to get more info?

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