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CD Build tools


git clone git://
cd cd_build
sudo apt-get install -f simple-cdd genisoimage qemu-kvm xorriso syslinux-utils cpio

Build an image

Important: Be sure your system is up to date, if no you will see "missing packages" error during the script.

./build-yunohost amd64


./build-yunohost i386

Install process configuration


Debugging errors during the install via the ISO

  • Launch the install in a virtualbox
  • Actual logs appear in tty 4, you can switch to it by pressing Alt+F4
  • You can manually launch commands from another tty (e.g. the 2nd) but the output will appear in tty4...
  • To actually enter the real system (chroot ?) you'll need to run in-target
  • see also .. next section

Debugging errors in a chroot

The .deb install can crash for stupid reasons during ISO install because it's in fact ran inside a chroot.

To easily reproduce and investigate the issue, it's easier to manually create a chroot (for example inside an ynh-dev LXC):

apt install cdebootstrap -y
cd /root/
mkdir mychroot
cdebootstrap --arch=amd64 buster ./mychroot/
mount -t proc none ./mychroot/proc
mount -o bind /dev ./mychroot/dev
chroot ./mychroot/ bash
  • Running systemctl should display "Running in chroot, ignoring request." (compared to some error about PID1 if you didnt mount proc and dev)
  • Then run the install, for example using the install script curl | bash (you'll need to install curl first)
  • The install will crash (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this ? ;))
  • You can nano /var/lib/dpkg/info/yunohost.postinst and edit that script ... for example adding -x to the shebang (= very first line) to have the debug detail when the script will run. Possibly you may want to also tweak the init regen conf hook call (for example also adding -x to the bash call there)
  • Re-run the install with apt install yunohost

Errors related to mysql-password debconf

Temporaly change rights on /var/cache/debconf/passwords.dat

This file doesn't contain password.

sudo chmod o+r /var/cache/debconf/passwords.dat


SimpleCDD build scripts for YunoHost



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