HarpJS Microcontainer built on Alpine Linux base image
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Docker Alphine Harp

Deploy to Tutum Docker Repository on Quay.io

Minimal 125mb HarpJS Microcontainer leveraging the Alphine Linux

Base Docker Image


From Quay.io

docker run --rm quay.io/technotycoon/alphine-harp:latest harp --version

or Docker Hub

docker run --rm technotycoon/alphine-harp:latest harp --version

Node Sass

Due to this Node-Sass/Alphine Linux issue https://github.com/sass/node-sass/issues/808, node-sass binary needs to be re-compiled. Dependency packages such as python, make and g++ are pulled down to build node-sass, therefore they need to be cleaned up and squashed using:

docker export <layered container> | docker import – <squashed image>