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A project aims at connecting (inside Great Fire Wall) and Great Fire Wall) through renren chat


quick start

  1. add as your friend in renren
  2. logout renren, login as, password is "123456test"
  3. accept the friend request of yourself
  4. run the script, make sure it prints "Logged in"
  5. log in renren as yourself, find "Tuiqiao Shi"(He should be online now)
  6. send "/help" to him
  7. you should see some response from him now

special thanks

Thanks for testing and contributing code!!:

Li Yao

Guanglu Yang

Yujing Zheng

Daodao Zhang

Guoxing Li

Quanlin Huang

Jialiang Jiang

Junjie Wu

Shanquan Li

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