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TileCraft MIT License Haxe 3 ![OpenFL 2](https://img.shields.io/badge/require-OpenFL 2-red.svg) Cross platform


Easy peasy casual game with a nice twist.

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The project

I've developed this project to learn HAXE and OpenFL.

I've decided to release the project open-source since I believe it could be useful for other people.

I am sorry if a lot of the code is uncommented and ugly, but I am still pretty sure there is something to learn especially for newbies.

Enjoy mimic-rush


The game use few major libraries and few of my own.

  • akifox-transform is used for all the transformation (diagonal text and buttons)
  • akifox-asynchttp is used to send and retrive score from the score server
  • plik is a bigger library that handle most of the cores: sound, music, screen transitions.

I've also stripped away the code that generate a token to talk with the score server to avoid fake score submission, or score submission by 3rd part forks.

I hope you will understand, all the rest is completely open-source and ready to be compiled. Do what you want with it (according to the MIT licence) ;)

Play with the code

Fork the project (or just download it) and after install the following libraries

haxelib install openfl
haxelib run openfl setup
haxelib install extension-share
haxelib install actuate
haxelib install akifox-transform
haxelib install akifox-asynchttp
haxelib install compiletime

Plus, you have to install the PLIK library and TongueTwist from git

haxelib git plik https://github.com/yupswing/plik.git
haxelib git akifox-tonguetwist https://github.com/yupswing/akifox-tonguetwist.git

and you are ready to go (we use OpenFL v2 Legacy for compatibility, maybe one day I will port to OpenFL3)

lime test neko -Dv2

TODO (1.3)

  • save offline score and submit when online
  • ping when launch
  • particles! (there should be some)
  • NOT WORKING splash screen (picture) on ios [asked to the community]
  • make the help text sarcastic!
  • check all TODO in source
  • more gameplay test


  • WIN 1.2.0 (Dropbox)
  • MAC 1.2.0 (Dropbox)
  • LINUX 1.2.0 (Dropbox)
  • ANDROID 1.2.0 (Google Play)
  • IOS 1.2.0 (App Store)