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Tensor Train Recurrent Neural Network

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Clean code repo for tensor train recurrent neural network, implemented in Tensorflow. See details in our paper Long-Term Forecasting with Tensor Train RNNs

Getting Started

install prerequisites

  • tensorflow >= r1.6
  • Python >=3.0
  • Jupyter >=4.1.1

import module

from trnn import TensorLSTMCell
from trnn_imply import tensor_rnn_with_feed_prev


  • TensorLSTMCell(num_units, num_lags, rank_vals) – creates a TensorTrainLSTM object with num_units hidden nodes, num_lags time lags, with rank_vals is the list of values for tensor train decomposition rank


  • tensor_rnn_with_feed_prev – forward pass for a single TensorTrainLSTM cell, returns an output and a hidden state.

Running the test

Run the Jupyter notebook

  • jupyter notebook test_trnn.pynb

A simple example of using TensorTrainLSTM by

  • loading a set of sim sequences
  • building a tensor train Seq2Seq model
  • making long-term predictions


  • read the data into train/valid/test datasets, normalize the data if needed

  • seq2seq model for sequence prediction

  • tensor-train lstm cell and corresponding tensor train contraction

  • forward step in tensor-train rnn, feed previous predictions as input


If you think the repo is useful, we kindly ask you to cite our work at

  title={Long-term forecasting using tensor-train RNNs},
  author={Yu, Rose and Zheng, Stephan and Anandkumar, Anima and Yue, Yisong},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.00073},