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Text Revealer

Text Revealer is a tool for people to display their text.

Just like screen-message but has more features such as styling the text.

Read this in other languages: English, 正體中文



Wrap text by the symbols listed below to add style to the text.

Symbol Opening Closing Style
GROUP { } None
Asterisk * * Italic
Asterisk × 2 ** ** Bold
Asterisk × 3 *** *** Bold Italic
Double quote " " Serif
Grave ` ` Monospace
Underscore × 2 __ __ Underline
Hyphen × 2 -- -- Line-through
Tilde × 2 ~~ ~~ Line-through
CJK quote Serif
CJK quote Serif

Or add the symbols listed below in front of a "bolck of text".

Symbol Leading Style
Number sign # Header (size: 2em, weight: 900)
Number sign × 2 ## Header (size: 1.5em, weight: 700)

A block of text is:

  1. line of text excluding symbols and line break
  2. text wrapped by GROUP symbols

Vertical Writing Direction

Press Tab key to switch writing direction between horizontal and vertical (vertical-RL).


Customize Style

Change the CSS of the HTML classes to customize the style.

Those HTML class names are in the form of:

  • Wrapped text: -name
  • Opening symbol: -name-start
  • Closing symbol: -name-end
  • Leading symbol: -name-lead

Leading symbol will only affect the adjacent "block of text" follow it.

Where the -name is the HTML class name of each symbol.

Here are the HTML Class names of default symbols:

Symbol Opening Closing Leading HTML Class Name
GROUP { } -G
Number Sign # -numsign
Number Sign × 2 ## -numsign2
Asterisk * * -ast
Asterisk × 2 ** ** -ast2
Asterisk × 3 *** *** -ast3
Double quote " " -dblq
Grave ` ` -grave
Underscore × 2 __ __ -under
Hyphen × 2 -- -- -hyphen
Tilde × 2 ~~ ~~ -tilde
Parenthesis ( ) -paren
Bracket [ ] -bracket
Angle < > -angle
CJK quote -cjkq
CJK quote -cjkq

Customize Symbol

Use the JavaScript methods listed below to customize symbols.

1. addSymbolType(type, className)

  • type - Classification of the symbol.
  • className (String) - HTML class name.

2. addSymbol(symbol, type, on='both', view=undefined)

  • symbol (String) - The text which people key in.
  • type - Classification of the symbol.
  • on - The symbol will wrap on which side.
    • 'both', 'start', 'end', 'lead'
    • default: 'both'
  • view (String) - Displayed text.
    • default: undefined, will be the same as symbol.

For example, to add $$ as a symbol on both side of text, we need add two lines of JS code (after the reference of textRevealer.js) like:

<script src="./textMarker.js"></script>
<script src="./textRevealer.js"></script>
  addSymbolType('DOLLARSIGN', '-dollarsign');
  addSymbol('$$', 'DOLLARSIGN');

And, to add « and » as symbols on both side of text, we need add three lines of JS code like:

<script src="./textMarker.js"></script>
<script src="./textRevealer.js"></script>
  addSymbolType('GUILLEMET', '-guillemet');
  addSymbol('«', 'GUILLEMET', 'start');
  addSymbol('»', 'GUILLEMET', 'end');
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