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Wallbox is a Facebook notification for Linux. features include:

  • hide in system tray, just click wallbox icon if you want to read facebook notification
  • if notification is a comment of status or link, wallbox will show all comments reply to this status/link.



After wallbox 0.4.1, we only provide source instead of package. please follow below steps to install wallbox.

  1. install below package:
    • python-facebook
    • build-essential
    • gnome-common
  2. download least source code on github
  3. extract tarball and execute ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr
  4. make && sudo make install

Known issues

  • in Debian squeeze, “mark all notification read” feature can’t work.

about development team

  • Author: Yuren Ju (yurenju AT gmail DOT com)
  • package maintainer: Ronmi Ren (ronmi.ren AT gmail DOT com)