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This repository hosts the reverse-engineered and modded firmware for the Truly Ergonomic keyboard.

Note: I am developing a new, Free and Open Source firmware and a cross-platform firmware upgrade tool. You can help by making a donation:


Features added by this mod:

  • Table-based Fn and Num Lock layers, customizable independently of the main layer, for both PC and Mac layouts.
  • Up to 23 different media/application launch/application control keys (limit raised from original 13).
  • Media keys no longer confined to the Fn layer.
  • Non-synchronized Num Lock no longer tied to the status of the LED. If you press a Num Lock-sensitive key and your OS Num Lock is off, the firmware will turn it on first and back off when you stop typing.
  • Better debouncing algorithm.
  • Visual web-based configurator.

Removed features:

  • DIP switch–based key translation: HenkanDelete, AppsSpace, Euro2Yen.

Known problems:

  • Non-synchronized Num Lock may be too invasive — it does not provide an easy way to press an affected key without Num Lock turning on. Meaning you can’t play games that expect you to use keypad in arrows mode.
  • You cannot easily turn on MouseKeys (typically [Alt+]Shift+Num Lock). If you do inadvertently turn it on, you cannot easily turn it off. (You might work around this by configuring one of the keys as a real Num Lock.)