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Hackathon 2017 project

An Agile Scientific and Total Organized Geoscience Hackathon

Project by ['Yuriy Ivanov', 'Anna Lim', 'Princy Ndong', 'Song Hou', 'Justin Gosses']

June 2017 Paris & virtually

'Seismic Shotgather Interpreter'

Teamname = 'Classy'

  1. Generate synthetic seismic data with labels (direct energy, reflection, multiples, coherent noise)
  2. Train a classifier using SVM
  3. Generate Tests dataset
  4. Draw interpreted lines
  5. Test model prediction

gui image

The final draft notebooks are below.

The UI notebook runs the functions notebook.

  • Project_hackathon_functions.ipynb
  • User_Interface_v6_Final