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High level automaton library for information extraction. Usage:

  • Named Entity Recognition(NER) patterns
  • Optimal match finding (for ambiguous grammars)
  • Relation and fact extraction
  • Structure parsing (like document structure, sententce parsing)
  • Search problem solving (like Suduku)

GExp Features:

  • all standard reg exp operators: +, {n,n}, {n,}, ....
  • much more: java predicates on groups, reluctant, greedy, cut operator, inner match...
  • structure of match -it is possible to build syntax tree based on match
  • weighted regexps allow you to encode preference of different graph path with your scoring functions, heuristic search will handle the rest.
  • easy extendable framework model. You can easily write new matchers and use them with existed.
  • dynamic structure of graph (allow you to use gexp to solve search problems like suduko, 8-qeen problems)
  • fast - it works faster then Jape transducer ( closest project to this one
  • scopes for variables: all you predicates can set/get variables from current scope/context to do their job
  • easy embeddable - few line of java code and you can use power of graph-expression in you project.

Read more on wiki