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;;; Compiled by suztomo@SuzAir.local on Sat Mar 21 13:15:09 2009
;;; from file /Users/suztomo/dotfiles/.elisp/html-helper-mode.el
;;; in Emacs version 22.1.1
;;; with all optimizations.
;;; This file uses dynamic docstrings, first added in Emacs 19.29.
(if (and (boundp 'emacs-version)
(< (aref emacs-version (1- (length emacs-version))) ?A)
(or (and (boundp 'epoch::version) epoch::version)
(string-lessp emacs-version "19.29")))
(error "`html-helper-mode.el' was compiled for Emacs 19.29 or later"))
(byte-code "\301B\302\303\304\305O!\207" [current-load-list html-helper-mode-version (lambda (#1=#:defconst-tmp-var) (defconst html-helper-mode-version #1#)) "$Revision: $" 11 15] 4)
#@42 *The default author string of each file.
(defvar html-helper-address-string "" (#$ . -789))
#@43 *If not nil, then use the full HTML menu.
(defvar html-helper-use-expert-menu nil (#$ . -887))
#@69 *If not nil, then modify `local-write-file-hooks' to do timestamps.
(defvar html-helper-do-write-file-hooks t (#$ . -988))
#@76 *If not nil, then insert `html-helper-new-buffer-strings' for new buffers.
(defvar html-helper-build-new-buffer t (#$ . -1117))
#@36 *Version of HTML DTD you're using.
(defvar html-helper-htmldtd-version "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//IETF//DTD HTML//EN\">\n" (#$ . -1251))
#@251 *Extra items to put in the HTML expert menu.
The value of this symbol is appended to the beginning of the expert
menu that is handed off to easymenu for definition. It should be a
list of vectors or lists which themselves are vectors (for submenus).
(defvar html-helper-user-menu nil (#$ . -1396))
#@51 *Basic indentation size used for list indentation
(defvar html-helper-basic-offset 2 (#$ . -1700))
#@107 *Indentation of lines that follow a <li> item.
Default is 4, the length of things like "<li>" and "<dd>".
(defvar html-helper-item-continue-indent 4 (#$ . -1806))
#@66 *If not nil, the indentation code for html-helper is turned off.
(defvar html-helper-never-indent nil (#$ . -1975))
#@45 *Hook run when html-helper-mode is started.
(defvar html-helper-mode-hook nil (#$ . -2097))
#@44 *Hook run when html-helper-mode is loaded.
(defvar html-helper-load-hook nil (#$ . -2195))
#@84 *Hook called for timestamp insertion.
Override this for your own timestamp styles.
(defvar html-helper-timestamp-hook 'html-helper-default-insert-timestamp (#$ . -2292))
#@126 *Template for new buffers.
Inserted by `html-helper-insert-new-buffer-strings' if
`html-helper-build-new-buffer' is set to t
(defvar html-helper-new-buffer-template '(html-helper-htmldtd-version "<html> <head>\n" "<title>" p "</title>\n</head>\n\n" "<body>\n" "<h1>" p "</h1>\n\n" p "\n\n<hr>\n" "<address>" html-helper-address-string "</address>\n" html-helper-timestamp-start html-helper-timestamp-end "\n</body> </html>\n") (#$ . -2469))
#@248 *Start delimiter for timestamps.
Everything between `html-helper-timestamp-start' and
`html-helper-timestamp-end' will be deleted and replaced with the output
of the functions `html-helper-timestamp-hook' if
`html-helper-do-write-file-hooks' is t
(defvar html-helper-timestamp-start "<!-- hhmts start -->\n" (#$ . -2917))
#@247 *End delimiter for timestamps.
Everything between `html-helper-timestamp-start' and
`html-helper-timestamp-end' will be deleted and replaced with the output
of the function `html-helper-insert-timestamp' if
`html-helper-do-write-file-hooks' is t
(defvar html-helper-timestamp-end "<!-- hhmts end -->" (#$ . -3246))
#@185 *List of tag types to install when html-helper-mode is first loaded.
If you want to not install some type of tag, override this variable.
Order is significant: menus go in this order.
(defvar html-helper-types-to-install '(anchor list header logical phys textel entity image head form) (#$ . -3568))
#@43 I'll do minimal emacs18 support, grumble.
(defvar html-helper-emacs18 (byte-code "\302\301!\205\302\300!\203\206 \303\231\207" [epoch::version emacs-version boundp "19"] 2) (#$ . 3874))
(byte-code "\300\301!\210\302\303\304\217\207" [require tempo nil (byte-code "\300\301!\207" [require auc-menu] 2) ((error (byte-code "\300\301!\207" [require easymenu] 2)))] 3)
#@31 Syntax table for html-helper.
(defvar html-helper-mode-syntax-table nil (#$ . 4251))
(byte-code "\204&\302 !\303\304\305#\210\303\306\307#\210\303\310\311#\210\303\312\311#\210\303\313\314#\210\302\207" [html-helper-mode-syntax-table text-mode-syntax-table make-syntax-table modify-syntax-entry 60 "(> " 62 ")< " 34 ". " 92 39 "w "] 4)
#@46 Abbrev table used while in html-helper-mode.
(defvar html-helper-mode-abbrev-table nil (#$ . 4607))
(define-abbrev-table 'html-helper-mode-abbrev-table nil)
#@24 Keymap for html-helper
(defvar html-helper-mode-map (make-sparse-keymap) (#$ . 4770))
#@75 Menu for html-helper. Clobbered and rebuilt by `html-helper-install-menu'
(defvar html-helper-mode-menu nil (#$ . 4862))
#@112 Alist: type of tag -> keymap, keybinding, menu, menu string.
Add to this with `html-helper-add-type-to-alist'.
(defconst html-helper-type-alist nil (#$ . 4990))
#@61 Accessor function for alist: for type, return keymap or nil
(defalias 'html-helper-keymap-for #[(type) " \236\243@\207" [type html-helper-type-alist] 2 (#$ . 5157)])
#@65 Accessor function for alist: for type, return keybinding or nil
(defalias 'html-helper-key-for #[(type) " \236\243A@\207" [type html-helper-type-alist] 2 (#$ . 5330)])
#@59 Accessor function for alist: for type, return menu or nil
(defalias 'html-helper-menu-for #[(type) "\302 \236\2438\207" [type html-helper-type-alist 2] 3 (#$ . 5505)])
#@65 Accessor function for alist: for type, return menustring or nil
(defalias 'html-helper-menu-string-for #[(type) "\302 \236\2438\207" [type html-helper-type-alist 3] 3 (#$ . 5680)])
#@74 Helper function for building menus from submenus: add on string to menu.
(defalias 'html-helper-normalized-menu-for #[(type) "\301!\302\303!!B\207" [type html-helper-menu-string-for eval html-helper-menu-for] 4 (#$ . 5868)])
#@139 Add a type specification to the alist.
The spec goes (type . (keymap-symbol keyprefix menu-symbol menu-string)).
See code for an example.
(defalias 'html-helper-add-type-to-alist #[(type) " B\211\207" [type html-helper-type-alist] 2 (#$ . 6102)])
(mapcar 'html-helper-add-type-to-alist '((entity nil nil html-helper-entity-menu "Insert Character Entities") (textel nil nil html-helper-textel-menu "Insert Text Elements") (head html-helper-head-map "" html-helper-head-menu "Insert Structural Elements") (header html-helper-header-map "" html-helper-header-menu "Insert Headers") (anchor html-helper-anchor-map "" html-helper-anchor-menu "Insert Hyperlinks") (logical html-helper-logical-map "" html-helper-logical-menu "Insert Logical Styles") (phys html-helper-phys-map "" html-helper-phys-menu "Insert Physical Styles") (list html-helper-list-map "\f" html-helper-list-menu "Insert List Elements") (form html-helper-form-map "" html-helper-form-menu "Insert Form Elements") (image html-helper-image-map " " html-helper-image-menu "Insert Inlined Images")))
#@132 The types that have been installed (used when building menus).
There is no support for removing a type once it has been installed.
(defconst html-helper-installed-types nil (#$ . 7184))
#@180 Install a new tag type: add it to the keymap, menu structures, etc.
For this to work, the type must first have been added to the list of types
with html-helper-add-type-to-alist.
(defalias 'html-helper-install-type #[(type) " B\306!\307!\310!\311!\f\203= \312L\210\313 !\210\2036 \314 L\210\315\f\316 !#\210\202=\315\f #\210 \205D \312L,\207" [type html-helper-installed-types menu-string menu key keymap html-helper-keymap-for html-helper-key-for html-helper-menu-for html-helper-menu-string-for nil define-prefix-command make-sparse-keymap define-key eval html-helper-emacs18 html-helper-mode-map] 5 (#$ . 7377)])
(byte-code "\301\302\"\210\301\303\304\"\207" [html-helper-types-to-install mapcar html-helper-install-type #[(l) "\302 @ A@#\207" [html-helper-mode-map l define-key] 4] (("\206" tempo-forward-mark) ("\202" tempo-backward-mark) ("\211" tempo-complete-tag))] 3)
#@38 Keymap for extra HTML mode functions
(defvar html-helper-mode-functions-map nil (#$ . 8282))
(byte-code "\304\301!\210\305\306\301#\210\305 \307\310#\210\n\204 \305\311\312#\210\305\313\314#\210\315\316!\203,\305 \317\316#\210\320\303!\203>\315 !\203>\305 \321 #\210\304\207" [html-helper-mode-map html-helper-mode-functions-map html-helper-never-indent browse-url-browser-function define-prefix-command define-key "" "t" html-helper-insert-timestamp-delimiter-at-point " " html-helper-indent-command " " newline-and-indent fboundp browse-url-of-file "v" boundp "u"] 4)
#@34 List of tags used in completion.
(defvar html-helper-tempo-tags nil (#$ . 8867))
#@193 Given a string, downcase it and replace spaces with -.
We use this to turn menu entries into good symbols for functions.
It's not entirely successful, but fortunately emacs lisp is forgiving.
(defalias 'html-helper-string-to-symbol #[(input-string) "\303!\211GS\211\304V\203#\305 \nH\306\"\203 \n\307I\210\nS\211\202 \310 \227P*\207" [input-string s l copy-sequence 0 char-equal 32 45 "html-"] 4 (#$ . 8955)])
#@223 Add a new tag to html-helper-mode.
Builds a tempo-template for the tag and puts it into the
appropriate keymap if a key is requested. Format:
`(html-helper-add-tag '(type keybinding completion-tag menu-name template doc)'
(defalias 'html-helper-add-tag #[(l) "@\306 !\307 !A@\3108\3118\3128\3138\314\315! \316% >\204;\317\202i\f;\203X\n\203P\320\321\n!\f#\210\202X\320\f#\210 \205i \322\317#\321 !BL. \207" [l type keymap menu key completer html-helper-keymap-for html-helper-menu-for 2 3 4 5 tempo-define-template html-helper-string-to-symbol html-helper-tempo-tags t define-key eval vector name tag doc command html-helper-installed-types html-helper-mode-map] 6 (#$ . 9380)])
(byte-code "\300\301M\210\302\301\303\"\207" [html-helper-add-cookie html-helper-add-tag mapcar ((entity "#" "&#" "Ascii Code" ("&#" (r "Ascii: ") ";")) (entity "\"" "&quot;" "Quotation mark" ("&quot;")) (entity "$" "&reg;" "Registered" ("&reg;")) (entity "@" "&copy;" "Copyright" ("&copy;")) (entity "-" "&shy;" "Soft Hyphen" ("&shy;")) (entity " " "&nbsp;" "Nonbreaking Space" ("&nbsp;")) (entity "&" "&amp;" "Ampersand" ("&amp;")) (entity ">" "&gt;" "Greater Than" ("&gt;")) (entity "<" "&lt;" "Less Than" ("&lt;")) (logical "b" "<blockquote>" "Blockquote" ("<blockquote>" (r "Quote: ") "</blockquote>")) (logical "c" "<code>" "Code" ("<code>" (r "Code: ") "</code>")) (logical "x" "<samp>" "Sample" ("<samp>" (r "Sample code") "</samp>")) (logical "r" "<cite>" "Citation" ("<cite>" (r "Citation: ") "</cite>")) (logical "k" "<kbd>" "Keyboard Input" ("<kbd>" (r "Keyboard: ") "</kbd>")) (logical "v" "<var>" "Variable" ("<var>" (r "Variable: ") "</var>")) (logical "d" "<dfn>" "Definition" ("<dfn>" (r "Definition: ") "</dfn>")) (logical "a" "<address>" "Address" ("<address>" r "</address>")) (logical "e" "<em>" "Emphasized" ("<em>" (r "Text: ") "</em>")) (logical "s" "<strong>" "Strong" ("<strong>" (r "Text: ") "</strong>")) (logical "p" "<pre>" "Preformatted" ("<pre>" (r "Text: ") "</pre>")) (phys "s" "<strike>" "Strikethru" ("<strike>" (r "Text: ") "</strike>")) (phys "u" "<u>" "Underline" ("<u>" (r "Text: ") "</u>")) (phys "i" "<i>" "Italic" ("<i>" (r "Text: ") "</i>")) (phys "b" "<b>" "Bold" ("<b>" (r "Text: ") "</b>")) (phys "f" "<tt>" "Fixed" ("<tt>" (r "Text: ") "</tt>")) (header "6" "<h6>" "Header 6" ("<h6>" (r "Header: ") "</h6>")) (header "5" "<h5>" "Header 5" ("<h5>" (r "Header: ") "</h5>")) (header "4" "<h4>" "Header 4" ("<h4>" (r "Header: ") "</h4>")) (header "3" "<h3>" "Header 3" ("<h3>" (r "Header: ") "</h3>")) (header "2" "<h2>" "Header 2" ("<h2>" (r "Header: ") "</h2>")) (header "1" "<h1>" "Header 1" ("<h1>" (r "Header: ") "</h1>")) (form "o" "<option>" "Option" (& "<option>" >)) (form "v" "<option value" "Option with Value" (& "<option value=\"" (r "Value: ") "\">" >)) (form "s" "<select" "Selections" ("<select name=\"" (p "Name: ") "\">\n<option>" > "\n</select>") "<select") (form "z" "<input" "Reset Form" ("<input type=\"RESET\" value=\"" (p "Reset button text: ") "\">")) (form "b" "<input" "Submit Form" ("<input type=\"SUBMIT\" value=\"" (p "Submit button text: ") "\">")) (form "i" "<input" "Image Field" ("<input type=\"IMAGE\" name=\"" (p "Name: ") "\" src=\"" (p "Image URL: ") "\">")) (form "h" "<input" "Hidden Field" ("<input type=\"HIDDEN\" name=\"" (p "Name: ") "\" value=\"" (p "Value: ") "\">")) (form "p" "<textarea" "Text Area" ("<textarea name=\"" (p "Name: ") "\" rows=\"" (p "Rows: ") "\" cols=\"" (p "Columns: ") "\">" r "</textarea>")) (form "c" "<input" "Checkbox" ("<input type=\"CHECKBOX\" name=\"" (p "Name: ") "\">")) (form "r" "<input" "Radiobutton" ("<input type=\"RADIO\" name=\"" (p "Name: ") "\">")) (form "t" "<input" "Text Field" ("<input type=\"TEXT\" name=\"" (p "Name: ") "\" size=\"" (p "Size: ") "\">")) (form "f" "<form" "Form" ("<form action=\"" (p "Action: ") "\" method=\"" (p "Method: ") "\">\n</form>\n")) (list "t" "<dt>" "Definition Item" (& "<dt>" > (p "Term: ") "\n<dd>" > (r "Definition: "))) (list "l" "<li>" "List Item" (& "<li>" > (r "Item: "))) (list "r" "<dir>" "DirectoryList" (& "<dir>" > "\n<li>" > (r "Item: ") "\n</dir>" >)) (list "m" "<menu>" "Menu List" (& "<menu>" > "\n<li>" > (r "Item: ") "\n</menu>" >)) (list "o" "<ol>" "Ordered List" (& "<ol>" > "\n<li>" > (r "Item: ") "\n</ol>" >)) (list "d" "<dl>" "Definition List" (& "<dl>" > "\n<dt>" > (p "Term: ") "\n<dd>" > (r "Definition: ") "\n</dl>" >)) (list "u" "<ul>" "Unordered List" (& "<ul>" > "\n<li>" > (r "Item: ") "\n</ul>" >)) (anchor "n" "<a name=" "Link Target" ("<a name=\"" (p "Anchor name: ") "\">" (r "Anchor text: ") "</a>")) (anchor "l" "<a href=" "Hyperlink" ("<a href=\"" (p "URL: ") "\">" (r "Anchor text: ") "</a>")) (image "a" nil "Aligned Image" ("<img align=\"" (r "Alignment: ") "\" src=\"" (r "Image URL: ") "\">")) (image "i" "<img src=" "Image" ("<img src=\"" (r "Image URL: ") "\">")) (image "e" "<img align=" "Aligned Image With Alt. Text" ("<img align=\"" (r "Alignment: ") "\" src=\"" (r "Image URL: ") "\" alt=\"" (r "Text URL: ") "\">")) (image "t" "<img alt=" "Image With Alternate Text" ("<img alt=\"" (r "Text URL: ") "\" src=\"" (r "Image URL: ") "\">")) (textel "=" nil "Horizontal Line" (& "<hr>\n")) (textel " " nil "Line Break" ("<br>\n")) (textel " " nil "Paragraph" ("<p>\n")) (head "H" "<head>" "Head" ("<head>\n" "</head>\n")) (head "B" "<body>" "Body" ("<body>\n" "</body>\n")) (head "i" "<isindex>" "Isindex" ("<isindex>\n")) (head "n" "<nextid>" "Nextid" ("<nextid>\n")) (head "h" "<meta http-equiv=" "HTTP Equivalent" ("<meta http-equiv=\"" (p "Equivalent: ") "\" content=\"" (r "Content: ") "\">\n")) (head "m" "<meta name=" "Meta Name" ("<meta name=\"" (p "Name: ") "\" content=\"" (r "Content: ") "\">\n")) (head "l" "<link" "Link" ("<link href=\"" p "\">")) (head "b" "<base" "Base" ("<base href=\"" r "\">")) (head "t" "<title>" "Title" ("<title>" (r "Document title: ") "</title>")))] 3)
#@62 Insert a new item, either in a regular list or a dictionary.
(defalias 'html-helper-smart-insert-item #[(&optional arg) "\302\212\303\304\305\302#\210\306\307!)\203\310 !\202\311 !)\207" [case-fold-search arg t re-search-backward "<li>\\|<dt>\\|<ul>\\|<ol>\\|<dd>\\|<menu>\\|<dir>\\|<dl>" nil looking-at "<dt>\\|<dl>\\|<dd>" tempo-template-html-definition-item tempo-template-html-list-item] 4 (#$ . 15326) "*P"])
(byte-code "\302\300!\203\f\303\304\305#\210\302\301!\203\306 B\302\207" [html-helper-list-map html-helper-list-menu boundp define-key "i" html-helper-smart-insert-item ["List Item" html-helper-smart-insert-item t]] 4)
#@74 Menu for novices, only installed if `html-helper-use-expert-menu is nil'
(defvar html-helper-novice-menu '("HTML" ["Insert Paragraph" tempo-template-html-paragraph t] ["Insert Hyperlink" tempo-template-html-hyperlink t] ["Insert Big Header" tempo-template-html-header-2 t] ["Insert Unordered List" tempo-template-html-unordered-list t] ["Insert List Item" html-helper-smart-insert-item t] ["Insert Inlined Image" tempo-template-html-image-with-alternate-text t] ["Turn on Expert Menu" html-helper-toggle-expert-menu t]) (#$ . 15975))
#@64 Return the proper menu. Looks at `html-helper-use-expert-menu'
(defalias 'html-helper-menu #[nil "\203\302 \207 \207" [html-helper-use-expert-menu html-helper-novice-menu html-helper-expert-menu] 1 (#$ . 16515)])
#@133 Rebuild and install the HTML menu (using `easy-menu-define').
If `html-helper-use-expert-menu' is nil, then just use a novice menu.
(defalias 'html-helper-rebuild-menu #[nil "\302 \303!\210\304\305\306\307#\210\310\305!\204\311\305\312\"\210\313\305 \307$\210\314 \")\207" [menu html-helper-mode-map html-helper-menu easy-menu-remove put html-helper-mode-menu-symbol variable-documentation "HTML menus" default-boundp set-default nil easy-menu-do-define easy-menu-add] 5 (#$ . 16738)])
#@65 Toggle full HTML menus. Optional arg acts like minor-mode args.
(defalias 'html-helper-toggle-expert-menu #[(&optional arg) "\204 ?\202\302!\303V\304 \207" [arg html-helper-use-expert-menu prefix-numeric-value 0 html-helper-rebuild-menu] 2 (#$ . 17236) "P"])
(byte-code "\301\302!\203\f\303\304C\"\301\207" [html-helper-novice-menu fboundp browse-url-of-file append ["Load This Buffer in Browser" browse-url-of-file t]] 3)
#@137 This menu is based on the current value of `html-helper-installed-types'.
This function can be called again, it redoes the entire menu.
(defalias 'html-helper-expert-menu #[nil "\304\305B\306 \"\307\310!\203\311B\312\302!\203)\307\n!\203)\313\314\n\315#B\316B\317\320 \"\210\321B\211\207" [html-helper-mode-menu html-helper-user-menu browse-url-browser-function html-helper-installed-types nil ["Turn on Novice Menu" html-helper-toggle-expert-menu t] append fboundp browse-url-of-file ["Load this Buffer in Browser" browse-url-of-file t] boundp vector "Browse URL at point" t ["Insert Timestamp Delimiter" html-helper-insert-timestamp-delimiter-at-point t] mapcar #[(type) "\302! B\211\207" [type html-helper-mode-menu html-helper-normalized-menu-for] 2] "HTML"] 5 (#$ . 17676)])
(byte-code "\305 \210\303B\306\303!\204\307\303\310\"\210\304B\306\304!\204!\307\304\311\"\210\301B\306\301!\2040\307\301\312\"\210\302B\306\302!\204?\307\302\313\"\210\314B\306\314!\204T\307\314\315\316 \n \f%\"\210\317B\306\317!\204h\307\317\315\320 \n $\"\210\305\207" [current-load-list html-helper-any-list-start html-helper-any-list-end html-helper-any-list-item-start html-helper-any-list-item-end html-helper-rebuild-menu default-boundp set-default "<li>\\|<dt>\\|<dd>\\|<option\\|<th>\\|<td>" "</li>\\|</dt>\\|</dd>\\|</th>\\|</td>" "<dl>\\|<ul>\\|<ol>\\|<menu>\\|<dir>\\|<select\\|<table\\|<tr>" "</dl>\\|</ul>\\|</ol>\\|</menu>\\|</dir>\\|</select>\\|</table>\\|</tr>" html-helper-any-list format "\\(%s\\)\\|\\(%s\\)\\|\\(%s\\)\\|\\(%s\\)" html-helper-indentation-list "\\(%s\\)\\|\\(%s\\)\\|\\(%s\\)"] 8)
#@33 limit on how far back we search
(defvar html-helper-search-limit 2000 (#$ . 19318))
#@74 Return the symbol the last match (against `html-helper-any-list') found.
(defalias 'html-helper-context-symbol #[nil "\300\224\203\301\207\302\224\203\303\207\304\224\203\305\207\306\224\203\307\207\310\207" [1 list-start 2 list-end 3 item-start 4 item-end error] 1 (#$ . 19408)])
#@333 Figure out the last list-type tag before point relevant to indentation.
Returns 'item-start if the last list tag is a list item start
'start if the last list tag is the start of a list
'end if the last list tag is the end of a list.
Ignores list item ends, because those aren't reliable for indentation.
(defalias 'html-helper-guess-prev-context #[nil "\212e`Z]\304\n \305#\205\306 \211\307 +B\207" [html-helper-search-limit lim html-helper-indentation-list context re-search-backward t html-helper-context-symbol current-indentation] 5 (#$ . 19704)])
(defalias 'html-helper-print-prev-context #[nil "\300\301\302 \"\207" [message "%s" html-helper-guess-prev-context] 3 nil nil])
#@55 If t, indent will print out information as a message.
(defvar html-helper-print-indent-info nil (#$ . 20423))
#@293 Command for indenting HTML to the appropriate column.
Calls `html-helper-indent' which tries to examine how many levels down
in nested lists we are and does the appropriate indentation.'
See also `html-helper-basic-offset', `html-helper-item-continue-indent',
and `html-helper-never-indent'.
(defalias 'html-helper-indent-command #[nil "\300 \207" [html-helper-indent] 1 (#$ . 20540) nil])
#@33 Indentation workhorse function.
(defalias 'html-helper-indent #[nil "?\205\351\306 \307 \210``\310 \210`|\210\311 \211@\312 A\f\313=\203+\202F\f\314=\2036\202F\f\315=\203D\\\202F\316!\203\255\317 \211\314=\204^ \320=\203n\f\313=\203nZ\202\272 \313=\203\207\f\313=\203\207ZZ\202\272 \313=\203\227Z\202\272 \315=\203\272\f\314=\203\272\\\202\272\f\314=\203\272\\\203\311\321\322\f %\210\323W\203\323\323\324\211\"\210\325\n!b\210i\326 W\205\347\310 .\207" [html-helper-never-indent bol m where prev-context this-context point-marker beginning-of-line back-to-indentation html-helper-guess-prev-context nil list-end item-start list-start looking-at html-helper-context-symbol item-end message "Last Context: %s, This Context: %s, Previous: %s New: %s" 0 indent-to marker-position current-indentation previ html-helper-basic-offset newi html-helper-any-list html-helper-item-continue-indent html-helper-print-indent-info] 7 (#$ . 20936)])
#@62 Passed to tempo-use-tag-list, used to find tags to complete.
(defvar html-helper-completion-finder (byte-code "\203\301\207\302\207" [html-helper-emacs18 html-helper-emacs18-completion-finder "\\(\\(<\\|&\\).*\\)\\="] 1) (#$ . 21969))
#@144 Unfortunately emacs18 doesn't support \= in regexps, so we do this hack.
If you have problems with it, maybe you should upgrade to emacs19 :-)
(defalias 'html-helper-emacs18-completion-finder #[nil "\302`\212\303\304e\305^\306#\210`)\211{\211*B\207" [where s nil re-search-backward "<\\|&" 100 t] 6 (#$ . 22214)])
#@279 Basic function for updating timestamps.
It finds the timestamp in the buffer by looking for
`html-helper-timestamp-start', deletes all text up to
`html-helper-timestamp-end', and runs `html-helper-timestamp-hook' which
will should insert an appropriate timestamp in the buffer.
(defalias 'html-helper-update-timestamp #[nil "\212db\210\304\305\306#\204\307\310!\210\202<`G\\\311 \305\306#\205#` GZ\n\2040\307\312!\210\202; \n|\210 b\210\313\314!\210*)\305\207" [html-helper-timestamp-start html-helper-timestamp-end ts-end ts-start search-backward nil t message "timestamp delimiter start was not found" search-forward "timestamp delimiter end was not found. Type C-c C-t to insert one." run-hooks html-helper-timestamp-hook] 5 (#$ . 22539)])
#@39 Default timestamp insertion function.
(defalias 'html-helper-default-insert-timestamp #[nil "\301 \302\303\304O\305 A@\306\307\310O\311\261)\207" [time current-time-string "Last modified: " 0 20 current-time-zone " " -4 nil "\n"] 7 (#$ . 23298)])
#@111 Simple function that inserts timestamp delimiters at point.
Useful for adding timestamps to existing buffers.
(defalias 'html-helper-insert-timestamp-delimiter-at-point #[nil "c\210 c\207" [html-helper-timestamp-start html-helper-timestamp-end] 1 (#$ . 23556) nil])
(tempo-define-template "html-skeleton" html-helper-new-buffer-template nil "Insert a skeleton for a HTML document")
#@42 Insert `html-helper-new-buffer-strings'.
(defalias 'html-helper-insert-new-buffer-strings #[nil "\300 \207" [tempo-template-html-skeleton] 1 (#$ . 23945)])
#@740 Mode for editing HTML documents.
For more documentation and the newest version,
The main function html-helper-mode provides is a menu and keybindings
for the HTML tags one inserts when writing HTML documents. Selecting
the menu item or typing the key sequence for a command inserts the
corresponding tag and places point in the right place. If a prefix
argument is supplied, the tags is instead wrapped around the region.
Alternately, one can type in part of the tag and complete it with M-TAB.
There is also code for indentation, timestamps, skeletons for new
documents, and lots of other neat features.
Written by,

(defalias 'html-helper-mode #[nil "\306 \210\307!\210 \310 !\210\311\312\313\314!\210\313\315!\210\313\316!\210\313\317!\210\313\320!\210\321\322\323 \"\2036\324 \325\326#\210\202]\327\231\203G\313\330!\210\331\202]\313\325!\210\313\332!\210\313\333!\210\326/\326\334\f\335 \336\337\340\341\3420\"\2101\203|\343\344\345\"\2102\203\213\346\347 !\203\213\350 \210\351\352 \"\210\353\354!\210\353\355!\210\353\356!\207" [html-helper-mode-map html-helper-mode-abbrev-table local-abbrev-table html-helper-mode-syntax-table mode-name major-mode kill-all-local-variables use-local-map set-syntax-table "HTML helper" html-helper-mode make-local-variable comment-start comment-end comment-column comment-start-skip indent-line-function string-match "XEmacs\\|Lucid" emacs-version put font-lock-keywords-case-fold-search t "19.28.89" font-lock-defaults (html-helper-font-lock-keywords t t) font-lock-keywords font-lock-no-comments "<!-- " " -->" "<!--[ ]*" 0 html-helper-indent tempo-use-tag-list html-helper-tempo-tags add-hook local-write-file-hooks html-helper-update-timestamp zerop buffer-size html-helper-insert-new-buffer-strings easy-menu-add html-helper-menu run-hooks text-mode-hook html-mode-hook html-helper-mode-hook html-helper-font-lock-keywords html-helper-completion-finder html-helper-do-write-file-hooks html-helper-build-new-buffer] 4 (#$ . 24108) nil])
(byte-code "\303\304\302 \"\203E\305\211\306!\203\307\310\306\"\210\311!\203 \307\312\311\"\210\313!\203+\314\313\315\"\210\316!\2036\317\316\320\"\210\321!\203A\317\321\322\"\210)\202\264\306 B\323\306\324\325#\210\326\306!\204Z\327\306\310\"\210\311 B\323\311\324\330#\210\326\311!\204o\327\311\312\"\210\313 B\323\313\324\331#\210\326\313!\204\204\327\313\332\"\210\333\n\231\204\264\316 B\323\316\324\334#\210\326\316!\204\237\327\316\335\"\210\321 B\323\321\324\336#\210\326\321!\204\264\327\321\332\"\210\303\207" [change-it current-load-list emacs-version string-match "XEmacs\\|Lucid" #[(face) "\301\302!\203\f\302!\202\303 >\204\304!\210\305!?\207" [face fboundp facep face-list make-face face-differs-from-default-p] 2] html-helper-bold-face copy-face bold html-helper-italic-face italic html-helper-underline-face set-face-underline-p t font-lock-variable-name-face set-face-foreground "salmon" font-lock-reference-face "violet" put variable-documentation "Face used as bold. Typically `bold'." default-boundp set-default "Face used as italic. Typically `italic'." "Face used as underline. Typically `underline'." underline "19.28.89" "Face to use for variable names -- and some HTML keywords." font-lock-doc-string-face "Face to use for references -- including HTML hyperlink texts."] 5)
#@58 Additional expressions to highlight in HTML helper mode.
(defvar html-helper-font-lock-keywords (byte-code "\306\307\310\311\312\313\314\315\f\316\n\317\260\320\321\322F\315 \316 \317\260\320\323\322F\315\f\316\324\317\260\320\321\322F\325\315 \316\317\260\320\326\322F\327\330\331\332\333\334\335\336\337\257.\207" [not-tend not-iend not-bend iword bword tword "\\(h1\\|title\\)\\([ \n]+[^>]+\\)?" "\\(b\\|h[2-4]\\|strong\\)\\([ \n]+[^>]+\\)?" "\\(address\\|cite\\|em\\|i\\|var\\)\\([ \n]+[^>]+\\)?" "\\([^<]\\|<\\([^/]\\|/\\([^bhs]\\|b[^>]\\|h\\([^2-4]\\|[2-4][^>]\\)\\|s\\([^t]\\|t[^r]\\)\\)\\)\\)" "\\([^<]\\|<\\([^/]\\|/\\([^aceiv]\\|a\\([^d]\\|d[^d]\\)\\|c\\([^i]\\|i[^t]\\)\\|e\\([^m]\\|m[^>]\\)\\|i[^>]\\|v\\([^a]\\|a[^r]\\)\\)\\)\\)" "\\([^<]\\|<\\([^/]\\|/\\([^ht]\\|h[^1]\\|t\\([^i]\\|i[^t]\\)\\)\\)\\)" ("<a\\s-+href[^>]*>\\([^>]+\\)</a>" 1 font-lock-reference-face t) "<" ">\\(" "*\\)</\\1>" 3 html-helper-bold-face t html-helper-italic-face "[^<]" ("\\(<[^>]*>\\)" 1 font-lock-type-face t) font-lock-function-name-face ("<u>\\([^<]*\\)</u>" 1 html-helper-underline-face t) ("<\\(form\\|i\\(mg\\|nput\\)\\)\\>[^>]*>" 0 font-lock-variable-name-face t) ("</a>" 0 font-lock-keyword-face t) ("<a\\b[^>]*>" 0 font-lock-keyword-face t) ("=[ \n]*\\(\"[^\"]+\"\\)" 1 font-lock-string-face t) ("</?\\(body\\|form\\|h\\(ead\\|tml\\)\\)>" 0 font-lock-variable-name-face t) ("&[^;\n]*;" 0 font-lock-string-face t) ("<![a-z]+\\>[^<>]*\\(<[^>]*>[^<>]*\\)*>" 0 font-lock-comment-face t) ("<!\\(--\\([^-]\\|-[^-]\\)*--\\s-*\\)*>" 0 font-lock-comment-face t)] 15) (#$ . 27588))
(byte-code "\300\301!\203 \302\303\304\305\306$\210\307\303!\210\307\310!\210\311\312!\210\311\313!\207" [featurep hilit19 hilit-set-mode-patterns html-helper-mode (("<!--" "-->" comment) ("<![a-z]+\\>[^<>]*\\(<[^>]*>[^<>]*\\)*>" nil comment) ("<title>" "</title>" defun) ("<h[1-6]>" "</h[1-6]>" bold) ("<a\\b" ">" define) ("</a>" nil define) ("<img\\b" ">" include) ("<option\\|</?select\\|<input\\|</?form\\|</?textarea" ">" include) ("<i>[^<]*</i>" nil italic) ("<b>" "</b>" bold) ("<i>" "</i>" italic) ("<u>" "</u>" underline) ("&[^;\n]*;" nil string) ("<" ">" keyword)) nil case-insensitive provide html-mode run-hooks html-load-hook html-helper-load-hook] 5)
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