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Scala Version Manager ( svm )

Usage :
  svm [Action] [Scala-Version] [Options]

Action :
  -h|help             - show this usage information
  -c|current          - show the currently use scala version
  -l|list|versions    - show the scala version installed in svm_path(default is ${HOME}/.svm)
  -i|install          - install specific scala version
  -r|remove|uninstall - uninstall specific scala version and remove their sources
  -s|switch|-u|use    - setup to use a specific scala version
  update-latest       - install or update nightly build scala version
  latest              - setup to use nightly build scala version
  stable              - setup to use stable( scala version
  self-update         - update svm itself
  (any strings)       - setup to use specific scala version(shortcut of svm switch)

Options :
  --docs    - with install, update-latest download scala-devel-docs.
  --sources - with install, update-latest download scala-sources.

Info :
  more info(Japanese) :
  ゆろよろ Tomohito Ozaki
  blog   :