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A shared libraries injection tool and ELF hook engine of Android.

Please compile them with android-ndk-r8e, or you may need to rewrite

Has been tested on Android 2.2, 2.3 and 4.1, and root privilege is REQUIRED.

Special thanks to the author of libinject


Enter each source directory and run ndk-build provided by android-ndk-r8e.

$ cd injector
$ $NDK/ndk-build
$ cd ../samples/test
$ $NDK/ndk-build

$NDK is the root directory of android-ndk-r8e.

Also, you can find pre-compiled binaries in bin.


We can use injector to inject a shared library into arbitrary processes. Let's take as an example.

First, push both injector and into a writeable location (e.g. /data/local/) of your device (or emulator).

$ adb push injector /data/local/
$ adb push /data/local/

Then, set the permission of injector as executable.

$ adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/injector

Next, you can refer to injector's usage information to inject into target processes.

$ adb shell /data/local/injector -h
Usage: injector -p pid -l libpath
-h  --help      Display this usage information.
-p  --pid       PID of target process.
-l  --libpath   Absolute path of the shared library that will be injected.

What should be noticed is that injection may be failed if you specify a relative path after -l (or --libpath) option.

Hook engine

Please take a look at the sample project samples/hook_ioctl.