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CoffeeScript in your views
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Inspired by coffeebeans but with fixes:

  1. Doesn't compile coffeescript everytime in production
  2. Smart replacements for <%=%>

Use #to_json in safe mode

<%=  x %> # replaced with `<%== (x).to_json %>`

Use raw mode in raw mode

<%== x %> # replaced with `<%== x %>`


In your Gemfile:

gem "coffee-views"


This library depends on the coffee-script gem


# in
$("#item").html <%= render "user/card" %>

Note: There is no need to call j or escape_javascipt helpers.

Coffee Script string interpolation like syntax (#{=} for safe and #{==} for raw):

# in
alert "hello #{=}"

You can use coffeeview: embedded engine in slim

h1 Say Hi
  alert <%= @some_view_string %>
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