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Concept: In return for a commitment to go out once a week to pick up the litter on a block, we supply citizens of Philadelphia with a trash grabber.

Email you questions to

Project page

To run the app locally:

Install dependencies

  1. Git clone the solution.
  2. Install nodejs, npm, bower, and mongodb.
  3. Run npm install in the local project root folder.
  4. Run bower install in the local project root folder.

Set Up the Database

  1. Ensure mongodb is running (different depending on your install method)
  2. Move to the database operations directory cd db_import
  3. Run sh db_import/ in terminal to create and seed the database.

Set up App

  1. Contact Yury for apiSettings.js and serverSettings.js values.
  2. Populate api keys and server settings in server/config.

Run the App

  1. Run node server, you can now access the server at http://localhost:8080.