A better init script for memcached. Specific config dir and stats integration if memcached library tools are installed.
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A Better Init script for Memcached


This is an init script for memcached that allows to run multiple instances of memcached based on configurations under /etc/sysconfig.

This script should run on any LSB-compliant environments while the original script is intended for Debian/Ubuntu only.

Multiple server layout

Now it's easy to implement a multiserver setup. Just copy each file to a file named:


Now you can either start/stop/restart all of your servers with a single command like, for example:

service memcached start 

Or start/stop/restart a specific server, for example server 3, like this:

service memcached start server3

Of course the numeric naming of the files is a mere convenience you can name them as you wish as long as you maintain the pattern of the dash for separating the server name. For example, server 2 works caching drupal menus. Providing a service before provided by the cache_menu database table. You could name the specific memcached server like this:


for example.

Configuration example

Each file under /etc/sysconfig defines memcached parameters as environment variables. OPTIONS may contain any additional options.


Installation (confirmed on CentOS 6.4)

If you are using CentOS (or any other RHEL based distributions), redhat-lsb-core package is required.

  1. Clone the repo

    git clone git://github.com/yuryu/memcached-better-init-script.git
  2. Copy your memcached configuration file(s) under /etc/sysconfig to /etc/sysconfig/memcached-server1, /etc/sysconfig/memcached-server2, etc.

  3. Copy this script to /etc/init.d.

  4. Issue service memcached force-reload

  5. Done.


The original init script is part of the debian testing distribution wheezy. YMMV on other distrubutions.

This fork is baesd on the work by António P. P. Almeida.