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Barcode Scanning with Lego Boost and Webcam


  1. Download Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK for Linux. Copy to /usr/lib.

  2. Get a free trial license of Dynamsoft Barcode SDK.

  3. Build the Python barcode library by following

  4. Install one of the Bluetooth backends:

    pip install pygatt
    pip install gatt
    pip install gattlib
    pip install bluepy

    I use Gatt Backend in my code.

  5. Install pylgbst to interact with Lego Boost Move Hub.

  6. Set a valid license:

  7. Run the app:


    lego boost webcam barcode


  • a: left
  • d: right
  • w: up
  • s: down
  • q: terminate the app
  • c: capture images and scan barcodes


Making a Barcode Scan Robot with Lego Boost and Webcam

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