Isomorphic apps, built using base of Express, ReactJS and Redux. This allowing to run server rendering and server request.
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React Redux Isomorphic Boilerplate

Isomorphic apps, built using Express, ReactJS and Redux. This allows to server side rendering and server requests.

About Isomorphic Javascript

Isomporphic applications can run both on clients such as web browsers and on servers. Written on top of Node.js, that focuses on real-time web applications. More

Life Cycle

  • First load (server rendering and request data)

    When the user opens a web page, ReactRouter starts to match req.url to available routes. ReactJS will render and request data on server along with rendering of ExpressJS.
  • Page transition (transition and ajax)

    After first load, user most likely will move to other page with link that exist. In this event ReactRouter will handle it, and ReactJS will request data via ajax using Superagent

Getting Started

  • Prerequisites

  • Clone

    Clone this repository to your local machine.
    git clone
  • Installation

    Install dependencies using yarn
    yarn install
  • Development Scripts

    Run the server and Webpack build
    yarn start
  • Open in browser

    Visit http://localhost:18080, or whichever port specified in your configuration file (.env).

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