A Java library for the Facebook Graph API. This library provides the ease of use like Twitter4J. Facebook4J is an unofficial library.
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Facebook4J is a Facebook Graph API binding library for the Java language licensed under Apache License 2.0.


see: http://facebook4j.org




Facebook4J is released under Apache License 2.0.

Facebook4J includes software from Twitter4J to handle HTTP request/response and greatly internal logic. You can see the license term at http://twitter4j.org/en/index.html#license

Twitter4J's readme.txt

Twitter4J is a Twitter API binding library for the Java language licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Twitter4J includes software from JSON.org to parse JSON response from the Twitter API. You can see the license term at http://www.JSON.org/license.html

LICENSE.txt - the terms of license of this software
pom.xml - maven parent pom
powered-by-badge - badge
readme.txt - this file
twitter4j-core - core component : support REST and Search API
twitter4j-apache-httpclient-support - optional component adds Apache HttpClient support
twitter4j-examples - examples
twitter4j-media-support - media API support
twitter4j-async - Async API support : depending on twitter4j-core
twitter4j-stream - Streaming API support : depending on twitter4j-core and twitter4j-async

Adam Samet @damnitsamet
Adrian Petrescu @apetresc
Alan Gutierrez
Alessandro Bahgat <ale.bahgat at gmail.com> @abahgat
Anton Evane @anton_evane
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Bruno Torres Goyanna @bgoyanna
Ciaran Jessup @ciaran_j
Cole Wen @Pigwen
Dan Checkoway
Dong Wang @dongwang218
Eric Jensen @ej
Fiaz Hossain @fiazhossain
Hitoshi Kunimatsu
Jacob S. Hoffman-Andrews @j4cob
Jenny Loomis
John Corwin @johnxorz
John Sirois @johnsirois
Julien Letrouit <julien.letrouit at gmail.com> @jletroui
Ludovico Fischer @ludovicofischer
marr-masaaki @marr
Mocel @Mocel
Nobutoshi Ogata @nobu666
Nicholas Dellamaggiore <nick.dellamaggiore at gmail.com> @nickdella
Perry Sakkaris
Roberto Estrada
Roy Reshef @tsipo
Rui Silva
Sam Pullara @sampullara
Steve Lhomme @robux4
Rémy Rakic <remy.rakic at gmail.com> @lqd
Takao Nakaguchi <takao.nakaguchi at gmail.com> @takawitter
Tomohisa Igarashi <tm.igarashi at gmail.com>
Will Glozer @ar3te
William Morgan @wm
withgod @withgod
Yusuke Yamamoto @yusuke