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@@ -2,6 +2,23 @@ Twitter Annotations
by Roy Reshef - royreshef @
+UPDATE 2010-08-18, 15:30 EST
+Unfortunately Twitter is really putting on hold annotations. I asked them
+(@twitterapi, @raffi, @noradio) yesterday and today multiple times to
+whitelist @twit4j for annotations (so that the unit test can run smoothly).
+I hoped they will realize that Twitter4J is used by many Java developers and
+it's not just "another application". I got no reaction, and it wasn't enabled.
+Eventually I logged into @twit4j account itself to send a request on behalf
+of that account to @twitterapi. And then I finally got the answer
+@twit4j Sorry, we're not enabling annotations for additional accounts
+at this time. We'll let folks know when we're ready. ^TS
Added support for Twitter Annotations:
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