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Revision history for Perl extension Remedie
0.3.1 Sun Feb 8 23:08:09 PST 2009
* Shadowbox title now links to entry if there's a link URL
* Fix blockUI to close with click overlay rather than double clicks
* Changed Shadowbox animation to sync
* Updated plugins to work with their site upgrade
* Handle YouTube search feed to default to reverse chron
* Added MSN Video plugin
* Updated jquery.form.js to work with jQuery 1.3
* Added Ask Video, Ameba Vision, plugins
* Refactored test suite
0.3.0 Tue Feb 3 03:23:18 PST 2009
* Moved the source code repository to github
* reorganized how to handle site-specific plugins under root/plugins/{domain}
* Integrated Shadowbox.js player
* Upgraded JW to 4.3.x
* Upgraded jQuery to 1.3.1
* new site-specific Discovery::Site
* new plugin CustomFeed::Scraper
* Experimental support for HTML enclosures via iframe
* Experimental Web notification using jGrowl
* Tons of video site plugins
0.01 Fri Oct 31 20:27:14 2008
- original version
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