CGAL 4.3 addon for openFrameworks
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CGAL 4.3 addon for openFrameworks


Requires: (for OSX)

How To Link to an Xcode Project?

In Xcode Project Build Settings:

Add to Library Search Paths ( LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS )

$(SRCROOT)/../../../addons/ofxCGAL/libs/CGAL/lib/osx $(SRCROOT)/../../../addons/ofxCGAL/libs/CGAL/lib/osx/CGAL

Add to Header Search Paths ( HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS )

$(SRCROOT)/../../../addons/ofxCGAL/src $(SRCROOT)/../../../addons/ofxCGAL/libs/ofxCGAL/include $(SRCROOT)/../../../addons/ofxCGAL/libs/CGAL/include $(SRCROOT)/../../../addons/ofxCGAL/libs/CGAL/include/eigen3

In the Target under Build Phases

Add to 'Link Binary With Libraries' add all the libraries found in the following folders ofx

  • ofxCGAL/libs/CGAL/lib/osx/
  • ofxCGAL/libs/CGAL/lib/osx/CGAL/