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JIRA on dotCloud

Deploy JIRA on dotCloud in 60 seconds, thanks to our (un)patented two-lines "clone-and-push" deployment method:

git clone git://
dotcloud push jira jira-on-dotcloud

At the end of the push, the URL of your JIRA installation will be shown. The first start can be a bit slow, so if it does not display at once, give it a minute to settle down.

Database configuration

You can test JIRA without a database, by using an "internal" DB. However, in production environments, you should use an external DB. In that case, edit the dotcloud.yml file and uncomment the relevant jiradb section (you just have two lines to uncomment). At the end of the push, you will have to use dotcloud info to see the host, port, login and password of the database.

The whole installation process becomes:

git clone git://
vi jira-on-dotcloud/dotcloud.yml # uncomment the DB you want
dotcloud push jira jira-on-dotcloud --all
dotcloud info jira.jiradb

Note tha --all flag; it is necessary, because you cloned a git repository, and by default, dotCloud only pushes committed changes to the platform.

Caveat Emptor

This installation of JIRA is not scaled across multiple instances. It should be pretty reliable, but if you need super high availability, you should check with dotCloud and/or Atlassian for a more custom, battle-hardened, setup.

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