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Buddypress Client for Android
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This is a Buddypress client for Android. If configured properly, it will allow you to post status updates to your Buddypress install. It also has a simple RSS reader for your sitewide activity feed where you can comment on, share and delete feed items.

This app is still in beta - please visit the support thread here:

to discuss.


Step 1: (Webmaster) Install the BuddyPress XML-RPC receiver plugin for Wordpress here: Step 2: (Webmaster) Activate and configure above plugin via wp-admin under Settings->BuddyPress XML-RPC Step 3: (App User) Add your website (root path, e.g., username, and password to the Preferences screen in this app.

Once you have done these steps correctly, you should be able to interact with your BuddyPress activity stream.


  • posts updates to stream
  • view feed of latest updates with nested comments
  • filter feed in various ways
  • delete, comment on, and share posts via long-click on feed
  • view user profiles by clicking on avatars
  • view, delete, mark read/unread, and reply to private messages
  • allows importing plain text / links from other apps
  • option to check for and show Buddypress notifications in notification drawer

Technical Details

Author: Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu <>

This software is free and open source, under the GPL v3 license, for more info please visit:

Source code for this app is available on GitHub:


3.1 - show descriptive title - internationalization of filters

2.8 - notification bugfixes

2.7 - added clicks to friend avatar - group creation - better notification handling - bug fixes

2.6 - groups and friends - proper expanded list for filters

2.5 - grouped filters - messaging - bugfixes

2.4 - fixed home icon for compat - moved filters to sidemenu - added friending to user profiles

2.3 - moved user prefs to dedicated login/register screen

2.1 - added user profiles

2.0 - switched to password instead of api key - requires server update! - bug fixes

1.8 - added messages to stream choices

1.7.1 - added content max pref - refined filter bar hiding - date fix and pref choice

1.7 - stream items fill space better - crash fix

1.6 - added EditText text transfer on rotate - fixed text from share - fixed sound in notification - switched avatars to URLImageViewHelper class - disappearing filter pane - better older/smaller device compatibility


  • Wordpress, Buddypress, Android, et al
  • Koushik Dutta for URLImageViewHelper
  • Jake Wharton for ActionBarSherlock
  • Jeremy Feinstein for SlidingMenu
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