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Web Operation Engineer, working at Hatena.

Technology Topics

I'm interested in Web Operation, particularly the following topics.

  • System Performance Engineering
    • High Performance Linux Kernel Network Stack
    • High Performance Time-Series Database
  • Container-based Application Deployment
  • Monitoring Large-Scale Systems


  • Droot
    • A super-easy container with chroot without docker.
  • gokc
    • Yet Another Keepalived Syntax Checker in Golang.
  • grabeni
    • An ops-friendly AWS Elastic Network Interface (ENI) attachment grabbing tool.
  • mkr
    • Command Line Tool for Mackerel
  • mackerel-client-go
    • Mackerel API Client in Go
  • cookbook-mackerel-agent
    • Chef cookbook for mackerel-agent installation
  • ansible-mackerel-agent
    • An Ansible role for mackerel-agent
  • Coteng
    • Lightweight Teng O/R Mapper


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