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Forked Emacs-lisp package from emacswiki's auto-capitalize.el to use at SKK
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Capitalize char automatically on Emacs. This package was forked from emacswiki for my daily use.

Some improvements and changes are:

  • Recognize programming mode context. Only active auto-capitalize-mode inside comment or string if the major-mode was derived from prog-mode.
  • In org-mode, suppress auto-capitalize-mode inside src-block (#+begin_src ...)
  • Only check after you typed certain characters. You can change this behavior by auto-capitalize-allowed-chars.
  • Improve default predicate function.


If you use el-get you can add recipe to el-get-source following code:

(push '(:name auto-capitalize
        :type github
        :pkgname "yuutayamada/auto-capitalize-el")

And then load this package after execute M-x el-get-install RET auto-capitalize

(require 'auto-capitalize)

Configuration Examples

(setq auto-capitalize-words `("I" "English"))
(add-hook 'after-change-major-mode-hook 'auto-capitalize-mode)


;; This configuration adds capitalized words of .aspell.en.pws
;; (aspell's user dictionary)
(require 'auto-capitalize)
(setq auto-capitalize-words `("I" "English"))
(setq auto-capitalize-aspell-file "path/to/.aspell.en.pws")

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