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VS for Mac Code Snippets

Is a collection of useful code snippets (shortcuts) to reduce the amount of boilerplate code typing.

What is a code snippet?

Code snippets are ready-made snippets of code you can quickly insert into your code.

There are a couple of code snippets that are shipped with Visual Studio:

ctor - Creates a constructor for the containing class.	
prop - Creates an auto-implemented property declaration.
forr - Creates a for loop that decrements the loop variable after each iteration.

More information and the full list of built-in code snippets can be found in the official docs.

How to add a code snippet

Visual Studio > Preferences > Text Editor > Code Snippets


Alternatively you can copy all *.xml files from /snippets/$lang$ to ~/Library/VisualStudio⁩/{version}/Snippets.

How to use a code snippet?

Simply type the shortcut for example ctor and double press the Tab key.

The snippets


Shortcut Description
dw Template for Debug.WriteLine($)
classnpc Template for a class implementing INotifyPropertyChanged.
measure Template for measuring execution time using Stopwatch
propb Template for a BindableProperty
propnpc Template for a Property with INotifyPropertyChanged

Please note that you can set your own shortcut and customize the snippet according to your needs.

How to contribute

If your favorite code snippet is not in the list you are more than welcome to contribute!
Please follow the next simple steps:

  • Create a snippet using VS for Mac or copy an existing one from ~/Library/VisualStudio⁩/{version}/Snippets to vsmac_code_snippets/snippets/$lang$ directory.
  • Update the
  • Create a Pull Request.