Jupyter Notebook Extension for monitoring your own Resource Usage
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Screenshot with memory limit

NB Resource Usage (nbresuse) is a small extension for Jupyter Notebooks that displays an indication of how much resources your current notebook server and its children (kernels, terminals, etc) are using. This is displayed in the main toolbar in the notebook itself, refreshing every 5s.


You can currently install this package from PyPI.

pip install nbresuse

If your notebook version is < 5.3, you need to enable the extension manually.

jupyter serverextension enable --py nbresuse --sys-prefix
jupyter nbextension install --py nbresuse --sys-prefix
jupyter nbextension enable --py nbresuse --sys-prefix


Memory Limit

nbresuse can display a memory limit (but not enforce it). You can set this in serveral ways:

  1. MEM_LIMIT environment variable. This is set by JupyterHub if using a spawner that supports it.
  2. In the commandline when starting jupyter notebook, as --ResourceUseDisplay.mem_limit.
  3. In your jupyter notebook traitlets config file

The limit needs to be set as an integer in Bytes.

Memory usage warning threshold

Screenshot with memory warning

The background of the resource display can be changed to red when the user is near a memory limit. The threshold for this warning can be configured as a fraction of the memory limit.

If you want to flash the warning to the user when they are within 10% of the memory limit, you can set the parameter --ResourceUseDisplay.mem_warning_threshold=0.1.

Resources displayed

Currently it only displays Memory usage (just RSS). Other metrics will be added in the future as needed.