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SRC_DIR = src
TEST_DIR = test
BUILD_DIR = build
JS_ENGINE ?= `which node nodejs`
COMPILER = ${JS_ENGINE} ${BUILD_DIR}/uglify.js --unsafe
POST_COMPILER = ${JS_ENGINE} ${BUILD_DIR}/post-compile.js
BASE_FILES = ${SRC_DIR}/core.js\
MODULES = ${SRC_DIR}/intro.js\
JQ = ${DIST_DIR}/jquery.js
JQ_MIN = ${DIST_DIR}/jquery.min.js
SIZZLE_DIR = ${SRC_DIR}/sizzle
JQ_VER = $(shell cat version.txt)
VER = sed "s/@VERSION/${JQ_VER}/"
DATE=$(shell git log -1 --pretty=format:%ad)
all: update_submodules core
core: jquery min lint size
@@echo "jQuery build complete."
@@mkdir -p ${DIST_DIR}
jquery: ${JQ}
@@echo "Building" ${JQ}
@@cat ${MODULES} | \
sed 's/.function..jQuery...{//' | \
sed 's/}...jQuery..;//' | \
sed 's/@DATE/'"${DATE}"'/' | \
${VER} > ${JQ};
${SRC_DIR}/selector.js: ${SIZZLE_DIR}/sizzle.js
@@echo "Building selector code from Sizzle"
@@sed '/EXPOSE/r src/sizzle-jquery.js' ${SIZZLE_DIR}/sizzle.js | grep -v window.Sizzle > ${SRC_DIR}/selector.js
lint: jquery
@@if test ! -z ${JS_ENGINE}; then \
echo "Checking jQuery against JSLint..."; \
${JS_ENGINE} build/jslint-check.js; \
else \
echo "You must have NodeJS installed in order to test jQuery against JSLint."; \
size: jquery min
@@if test ! -z ${JS_ENGINE}; then \
gzip -c ${JQ_MIN} > ${JQ_MIN}.gz; \
wc -c ${JQ} ${JQ_MIN} ${JQ_MIN}.gz | ${JS_ENGINE} ${BUILD_DIR}/sizer.js; \
rm ${JQ_MIN}.gz; \
else \
echo "You must have NodeJS installed in order to size jQuery."; \
freq: jquery min
@@if test ! -z ${JS_ENGINE}; then \
${JS_ENGINE} ${BUILD_DIR}/freq.js; \
else \
echo "You must have NodeJS installed to report the character frequency of minified jQuery."; \
min: jquery ${JQ_MIN}
${JQ_MIN}: ${JQ}
@@if test ! -z ${JS_ENGINE}; then \
echo "Minifying jQuery" ${JQ_MIN}; \
${COMPILER} ${JQ} > ${JQ_MIN}.tmp; \
${POST_COMPILER} ${JQ_MIN}.tmp > ${JQ_MIN}; \
rm -f ${JQ_MIN}.tmp; \
else \
echo "You must have NodeJS installed in order to minify jQuery."; \
@@echo "Removing Distribution directory:" ${DIST_DIR}
@@rm -rf ${DIST_DIR}
@@echo "Removing built copy of Sizzle"
@@rm -f src/selector.js
distclean: clean
@@echo "Removing submodules"
@@rm -rf test/qunit src/sizzle
# change pointers for submodules and update them to what is specified in jQuery
# --merge doesn't work when doing an initial clone, thus test if we have non-existing
# submodules, then do an real update
@@if [ -d .git ]; then \
if git submodule status | grep -q -E '^-'; then \
git submodule update --init --recursive; \
else \
git submodule update --init --recursive --merge; \
fi; \
# update the submodules to the latest at the most logical branch
@@git submodule foreach "git pull \$$(git config remote.origin.url)"
@@git submodule summary
pull: pull_submodules
@@git pull ${REMOTE} ${BRANCH}
.PHONY: all jquery lint min clean distclean update_submodules pull_submodules pull core