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The following people have commit access to the Shindig sources.
Note that this is not a full list of Shindig's authors, however --
for that, you'd need to look over the log messages to see all the
patch contributors.
If you have a question or comment, it's probably best to mail, rather than mailing any of these
people directly.
Blanket commit access:
lindner Paul Lindner PMC Chair
agektmr Eiji Kitamura PMC Member
bhofmann Bastian Hofmann PMC Member
brianm Brian McCallister PMC Member Mentor
chabotc Chris Chabot PMC Member
dbentley Daniel Bentley PMC Member
doll Cassie Doll PMC Member
dpeterson Dan Peterson PMC Member
etnu Kevin Brown PMC Member
ieb Ian Boston PMC Member
evan Evan Gilbert PMC Member
jasvir Jasvir Nagra PMC Member
johnh John Hjelmstad PMC Member
jyang Jun Yang PMC Member
sgala Santiago Gala Emeritus Mentor
lryan Louis Ryan PMC Member
martint Martin Traverso PMC Member
vsiveton Vincent Siveton PMC Member
zhen Zhen Wang PMC Member
awiner Adam Winer PMC Member
chico Chico Charlesworth PMC Member
chirag Chirag Shah PMC Member
hsaputra Henry Saputra PMC Member
chaowang Jacky Wang PMC Member
zhoresh Ziv Horesh PMC Member
gagan Gagandeep Singh PMC Member
hnguy Han Nguyen PMC Member
fitz Brian Fitzpatrick Mentor
gstein Greg Stein Emeritus Mentor
sylvain Sylvain Wallez Mentor
tomdz Thomas Dudziak Mentor
upayavira Upayavira Mentor
dharkness David Harkness Emeritus
henning Henning Emeritus
woodser Eric Woods PMC Member
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