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  • Extension that does something like this:

    def build(*)
      if settings.memcached?
        use Rack::Cache, :backend => :memcached
        use Rack::Session::Memcached
        # ...
  • sinatra-smart-cache: update cache header only if arguments are more restrictive than curent value, set caching headers that way for most helper methods (i.e. sass or send_file)

  • Some verbose logging extension: Log what filters, routes, error handlers, templates, and so on is used.

  • Form helpers, with forms as first class objects that accepts hashes or something, so the form meta data can also be used to expose a JSON API or similar, possibly defining routes (like "Sinatra's Hat"), strictly using the ActiveModel API.

  • Extend sinatra-content-for to support Liquid, Radius, Markaby, Nokogiri and Builder. At least the first two probably involve patching Tilt.

  • Rewrite of sinatra-compass?

  • Helpers for HTML escaping and such.