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A wrapper for W3 validator API

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Python W3 validator

A Python wrapper for W3 validator services API

Howto Use

Install module pyw3 by python install

Then you can use such a code import pyw3 validator = pyw3.validator() try: results = validator.check_URI("") print results except Exception,error: print "Markup cannot be checked, aborted"

Check example code on examples dir

Return values

{"status_text", // text of status Valid, Invalid, Aborted
 "status_code", // 0 = Invalid, 1 = Valid, -1 = Aborted
 "errors",  // num of errors found on document
 "warnings", // num of warnings found on document
 "recursion" // generally 1 check API doc for details

Note: Will raise an exception if url is not checkable because of a fatal error (decoding, 404 not found, etc)

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