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Awesome Newsletters AWESOME

πŸŽ‰A curated list of awesome newsletters for indiehackers or people interested in side projects, product, design and growth marketing.

Inspired by Indie Hackers - What are the best newsletters you're subscribed to?

  • - Helping founders discover new markets and ideas
  • Software Ideas - Hand-picked, validated SaaS ideas delivered straight to your inbox, with analysis of tens of thousands of companies, finding niches where bootstrappers can compete & win.
  • The Looking Glass - A once-every-three-week essay about the work of building products, teams, and ourselves.
  • No Code - Curated newsletter, featuring the latest free tools, resources, discount codes and reading lists for non-tech entrepreneurs.
  • Dense Discovery - A weekly newsletter helping you be productive, feel inspired, and think critically.
  • Blogging For Devs - Learn to grow your blog as a developer without an existing audience, get the free email course and newsletter for developers, makers, managers, and technical founders growing their reach through blogging.
  • The Sunday Dispatches - A weekly newsletter about working and living online by Paul Jarvis, he shares insights on running internet businesses and questions the traditional idea of growth.
  • Trends - Understand upcoming market trends, receive our premium weekly report, access our database of research, and network with the smartest people we know.
  • A Cup of Copy - Thoughts on all things copywriting and freelancing shared every other Wednesday by Kaleigh Moore.
  • The Startup - Summarising: πŸ“š + πŸ’­ + 🧠 about entrepreneurship, startups and life.
  • Justin's Newsletter - Every Saturday morning I send an email to my list. I talk about bootstrapping, making stuff with computers, and earning a living on the internet.
  • Lenny's Newsletter - A weekly advice column about product, growth, working with humans, and anything else that's stressing you out at the office.
  • Zero to Marketing - Learn marketing from case studies, Every Monday I pick a new online business and write a 5-minute read case study with actionable tips on how I'd grow it.
  • Digital Assets - Newsletter about teaching you how to create wealth through online businesses.
  • Indie Letters - Bi-weekly briefing of marketing knowledge, tools & learning resources for solopreneurs, and makers.
  • Inside Digital Products - Best Practices, Lessons Learned and Reflections about what makes a great Digital Product.
  • Toolbox Weekly - Stash of cool tools every week handpicked to make online life of designers, developers, & creators - easy, productive, and profitable!
  • Remote Weekly - The Remote Weekly goes out every Wednesday and brings to you original content, product tips and latest stories around remote working.
  • Codrops Collective - The Collective features the latest news and resources from the web design & web development community shared weekly.
  • Verse Journal - A collection of articles and resources for designers. Weekly articles and 5 inspiration links written by Nguyen Le.
  • Case Study Club - A weekly curation of the best UX case studies sent by Jan Haaland.
  • Solo - A freelance business masterclass for independent designers and creatives ready for the future of work, published weekly by Benek Lisefski.
  • Sidebar - A daily curation of the five best design links on the internet. Curated by Sacha Greif.
  • Awesome Hunt - Amazing content weekly - Curated collection of NOCODE, SAAS TOOLS, Top product hunts & much more.


Contributions are very welcome.

You can open an issue or make pull requests to make this project better.

If you have any question about this opinionated list, do not hesitate to contact me.


πŸŽ‰A curated list of awesome newsletters for indiehackers or people interested in side projects, product, design and growth marketing.