Intro to Gamedev with Game Maker Studio, for DevFest 2016
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Introduction to Game

Game Dev Curriculum


Just edit Introduction to Game, which has everything. If spaces don't work, try Introduction\ to\ Game\

Viewing in Browser

Run make to generate output.html, a compiled HTML version of Introduction to Game, and then open it in your browser. This lets you see on your computer your changes to Introduction to Game

output.html is local to your computer. If you want to change what shows, run make pub (not make) instead, commit your changes, and then push the changes to GitHub.


(below is some ADI-related stuff; shouldn't matter to us)

Note: In order to deploy these projects, you need to have SSH access to adi-website. Ask Dan, Nate, Eunice, or Raymond for help setting this up.

Run make deploy to deploy your curriculum. The first time, it will ask for a path slug. Give something unique!