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;;; slack-message.el --- slack-message -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2015 yuya.minami
;; Author: yuya.minami <yuya.minami@yuyaminami-no-MacBook-Pro.local>
;; Keywords:
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(require 'eieio)
(require 'subr-x)
(require 'slack-util)
(require 'slack-reaction)
(require 'slack-request)
;; (require 'slack-attachment)
(declare-function slack-attachment-create "slack-attachment")
(require 'slack-team)
;; (require 'slack-file)
(declare-function slack-file-create "slack-file")
;; (require 'slack-thread)
(declare-function slack-thread-create "slack-thread")
(require 'slack-block)
(defvar slack-current-buffer)
(defvar slack-message-user-regexp "<@\\([WU].*?\\)\\(|.*?\\)?>")
(defcustom slack-message-custom-delete-notifier nil
"Custom notification function for deleted message.\ntake 3 Arguments.\n(lambda (MESSAGE ROOM TEAM) ...)."
:type 'function
:group 'slack)
(defconst slack-message-pins-add-url "")
(defconst slack-message-pins-remove-url "")
(defconst slack-message-stars-add-url "")
(defconst slack-message-stars-remove-url "")
(defclass slack-message ()
((type :initarg :type :type string)
(subtype :initarg :subtype)
(channel :initarg :channel :initform nil)
(ts :initarg :ts :type string :initform "")
(text :initarg :text :type (or null string) :initform nil)
(attachments :initarg :attachments :type (or null list) :initform nil)
(reactions :initarg :reactions :type (or null list))
(is-starred :initarg :is_starred :type boolean :initform nil)
(pinned-to :initarg :pinned_to :type (or null list))
(deleted-at :initarg :deleted-at :initform nil)
(hidden :initarg :hidden :initform nil)
(files :initarg :files :initform '())
(edited :initarg :edited :initform nil)
(is-ephemeral :initarg :is_ephemeral :initform nil)
(blocks :initarg :blocks :type (or null list) :initform nil)
;; thread
(thread-ts :initarg :thread_ts :initform nil)
(latest-reply :initarg :latest_reply :initform "" :type string)
(last-read :initarg :last_read :initform "" :type string)
(replies :initarg :replies :initform '() :type list)
(reply-count :initarg :reply_count :initform 0 :type number)
(reply-users :initarg :reply_users :initform '() :type list)
(reply-users-count :initarg :reply_users_count :initform 0 :type number)
(subscribed :initarg :subscribed :initform nil :type boolean)
(defclass slack-message-edited ()
((user :initarg :user :type string)
(ts :initarg :ts :type string)))
(defclass slack-user-message (slack-message)
((user :initarg :user :type string)
(id :initarg :id)
(inviter :initarg :inviter)))
(defclass slack-reply-broadcast-message (slack-user-message)
((broadcast-thread-ts :initarg :broadcast_thread_ts :initform nil)))
(defclass slack-file-comment-message (slack-message)
((file :initarg :file :initform nil)
(comment :initarg :comment :initform nil)))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-sender-name ((m slack-file-comment-message) team)
(with-slots (comment) m
(slack-user-name (plist-get comment :user) team)))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-sender-id ((m slack-file-comment-message))
(with-slots (comment) m
(plist-get comment :user)))
(cl-defgeneric slack-message-sender-name (slack-message team))
(cl-defgeneric slack-message-to-string (slack-message))
(cl-defgeneric slack-message-to-alert (slack-message))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-bot-id ((_this slack-message)) nil)
(defun slack-reaction-create (payload)
(apply #'slack-reaction "reaction"
(slack-collect-slots 'slack-reaction payload)))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-set-attachments ((m slack-message) payload)
(let ((attachments (append (plist-get payload :attachments) nil)))
(if (< 0 (length attachments))
(oset m attachments
(mapcar #'slack-attachment-create attachments))))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-set-file ((m slack-message) payload)
(let ((files (mapcar #'(lambda (file) (slack-file-create file))
(plist-get payload :files))))
(oset m files files)
(defun slack-reply-broadcast-message-create (payload)
(let ((parent (cl-first (plist-get payload :attachments))))
(plist-put payload :broadcast_thread_ts (plist-get parent :ts))
(apply #'slack-reply-broadcast-message "reply-broadcast"
(slack-collect-slots 'slack-reply-broadcast-message payload))))
(defun slack-room-or-children-p (room)
(when (and room
(eieio-object-p room))
(cl-case (eieio-object-class-name room)
(slack-room t)
(slack-im t)
(slack-group t)
(slack-channel t)
(t nil))))
(defun slack-message-create (payload team &optional room)
(when payload
(plist-put payload :reactions (append (plist-get payload :reactions) nil))
(plist-put payload :attachments (append (plist-get payload :attachments) nil))
(plist-put payload :pinned_to (append (plist-get payload :pinned_to) nil))
(when (and (not (plist-member payload :channel))
(not (slack-room-or-children-p room))
(not (stringp room)))
(slack-log (format "`slack-room' child or channel required. ROOM: %S"
team :level 'error))
(when (slack-room-or-children-p room)
(plist-put payload :channel (oref room id)))
(when (stringp room)
(plist-put payload :channel room))
(let ((subtype (plist-get payload :subtype)))
((plist-member payload :reply_to)
(apply #'make-instance 'slack-reply
(slack-collect-slots 'slack-reply payload)))
((or (and subtype (or (string-equal "reply_broadcast" subtype)
(string= "thread_broadcast" subtype)))
(plist-get payload :reply_broadcast)
(plist-get payload :is_thread_broadcast))
(slack-reply-broadcast-message-create payload))
((and (plist-member payload :user) (plist-get payload :user))
(apply #'slack-user-message "user-msg"
(slack-collect-slots 'slack-user-message payload)))
((or (and subtype (string= "bot_message" subtype))
(and (plist-member payload :bot_id) (plist-get payload :bot_id)))
(apply #'slack-bot-message "bot-msg"
(slack-collect-slots 'slack-bot-message payload)))
((and subtype (string= "file_comment" subtype))
(apply #'slack-file-comment-message "file_comment"
(slack-collect-slots 'slack-file-comment-message payload)))
(t (progn
(slack-log (format "Unknown Message Type: %s" payload)
team :level 'warn)
(apply #'slack-message "unknown message"
(slack-collect-slots 'slack-message payload))))))))
(let ((message (create-message payload)))
(when message
(slack-message-set-edited message payload)
(slack-message-set-attachments message payload)
(oset message reactions
(mapcar #'slack-reaction-create (plist-get payload :reactions)))
(slack-message-set-file message payload)
(slack-message-set-blocks message payload)
(defun slack-message-set-blocks (message payload)
(oset message blocks (mapcar #'slack-create-layout-block
(plist-get payload :blocks))))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-set-edited ((this slack-message) payload)
(if (plist-get payload :edited)
(oset this edited (apply #'make-instance 'slack-message-edited
(slack-collect-slots 'slack-message-edited
(plist-get payload :edited))))))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-edited-at ((this slack-message))
(with-slots (edited) this
(when edited
(oref edited ts))))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-equal ((m slack-message) n)
(string= (slack-ts m) (slack-ts n)))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-sender-name ((m slack-message) team)
(slack-user-name (oref m user) team))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-sender-id ((m slack-message))
(oref m user))
(defun slack-message-pins-request (url room team ts)
(cl-labels ((on-pins-add
(&key data &allow-other-keys)
(data "slack-message-pins-request"))))
:params (list (cons "channel" (oref room id))
(cons "timestamp" ts))
:success #'on-pins-add
(cl-defmethod slack-ts ((ts string))
(cl-defmethod slack-ts ((this slack-message))
(oref this ts))
(defun slack-ts-to-time (ts)
(seconds-to-time (string-to-number ts)))
(defun slack-message-time-stamp (message)
(slack-ts-to-time (slack-ts message)))
(cl-defmethod slack-user-find ((m slack-message) team)
(slack-user--find (slack-message-sender-id m) team))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-star-added ((m slack-message))
(oset m is-starred t))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-star-removed ((m slack-message))
(oset m is-starred nil))
(defun slack-message-star-api-request (url params team)
((on-success (&key data &allow-other-keys)
(data url))))
:params params
:success #'on-success))))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-star-api-params ((m slack-message))
(cons "timestamp" (slack-ts m)))
(cl-defmethod slack-reaction-delete ((this slack-message) reaction)
(with-slots (reactions) this
(setq reactions (slack-reaction--delete reactions reaction))))
(cl-defmethod slack-reaction-push ((this slack-message) reaction)
(push reaction (oref this reactions)))
(cl-defmethod slack-reaction-find ((m slack-message) reaction)
(slack-reaction--find (oref m reactions) reaction))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-reactions ((this slack-message))
(oref this reactions))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-get-param-for-reaction ((m slack-message))
(cons "timestamp" (slack-ts m)))
(defun slack-message--pop-reaction (message reaction)
(slack-if-let* ((old-reaction (slack-reaction-find message reaction)))
(if (< 1 (oref old-reaction count))
(with-slots (count users) old-reaction
(cl-decf count)
(setq users (cl-remove-if
#'(lambda (old-user)
(cl-find old-user
(oref reaction users)
:test #'string=))
(slack-reaction-delete message reaction))))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-get-text ((m slack-message))
(oref m text))
(cl-defmethod slack-thread-message-p ((this slack-message))
(and (oref this thread-ts)
(not (string= (slack-ts this) (oref this thread-ts)))))
(cl-defmethod slack-thread-message-p ((_this slack-reply-broadcast-message))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-thread-parentp ((m slack-message))
(let* ((thread-ts (slack-thread-ts m)))
(when thread-ts
(string= (slack-ts m) thread-ts))))
(cl-defmethod slack-message--inspect ((this slack-file-comment-message) _room _team)
(let ((super (cl-call-next-method)))
(with-slots (file comment) this
(format "%s\nFILE:%s\nCOMMENT:%s"
file comment))))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-pinned-to-room-p ((this slack-message) room)
(cl-find (oref room id)
(oref this pinned-to)
:test #'string=))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-user-ids ((this slack-message))
(let ((result (append (oref this reply-users) nil)))
(push (slack-message-sender-id this) result)
(with-slots (text) this
(when text
(let ((start 0))
(while (and (< start (length text))
(string-match slack-message-user-regexp
(let ((user-id (match-string 1 text)))
(when user-id
(push user-id result)))
(setq start (match-end 0))))))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-visible-p ((this slack-message) team)
(if (slack-team-visible-threads-p team)
(or (not (slack-thread-message-p this))
(slack-reply-broadcast-message-p this))))
(cl-defmethod slack-thread-ts ((this slack-message))
(oref this thread-ts))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-handle-thread-subscribed ((this slack-message) payload)
(oset this subscribed t)
(oset this last-read (plist-get payload :last_read)))
(cl-defmethod slack-message-ephemeral-p ((this slack-message))
(oref this is-ephemeral))
(provide 'slack-message)
;;; slack-message.el ends here
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