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This is a javaWeb development framework, it is very simple to build, import one jar package, write one yml configuration file, start from the main method
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The Js framework has React, Vue, AngularJS, but the Java framework has only one Spring. Many people say that I am making wheels, but I don't think so, so... it's time to challenge Spring, I hope everyone can get involved, contribute code, and give Java developers another option.

What can I do

  • Simple to build, out of the box
  • http service using netty
  • Session management using JWT
  • Support AOP, IOC, MVC, Mybatis, transaction management
  • Distributed deployment via Mars-cloud
  • Remote configuration via Mars-config [iteration]

What can't I do

  • Only support the main method to start, can not play the war package
  • Can only return json, binary stream to the front end, does not support forwarding and redirection



Expansion pack

Support redis connection

Encapsulates Email, MD5, AES and other tool classes and integrates hutool

Extension package

Simple comparison

name AOP IOC MVC ORM configuration file startup method
Mars-java OK OK OK Mybatis,JDBCTemplete Only one and supports remote configuration Main Method
Springboot OK OK OK Support most mainstream frameworks Only one and supports remote configuration Main Method,War+Tomcat
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