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<schemalist gettext-domain="gnome-shell-extensions">
<enum id="">
<value value="0" nick="digit"/>
<value value="1" nick="graph"/>
<value value="2" nick="both"/>
<enum id="">
<value value="0" nick="frequency"/>
<value value="1" nick="percentage"/>
<schema id="" path="/org/gnome/shell/extensions/cpufreq/">
<key name="refresh-time" type="i">
<description>Time in ms between 2 refresh</description>
<key name="graph-width" type="i">
<description>Graph width in pixel</description>
<key name="background" type="s">
<description>Graph Background Color</description>
<key name="style" enum="">
<summary>Choose the display style.</summary>
<key name="digit-type" enum="">
<summary>Choose the digit type.</summary>
<key name="show-text" type="b">
<summary>Display 'cpu#'</summary>
<description>Set to true to show 'cpu#' before cpu display</description>
<key name="cpus-hidden" type="as">
<summary>Cpus Hidden</summary>
<description>Names of cpus not shown, add "-1" to hide the summary one.</description>