Made during the Game Jam: "Gender Equality" - Impact Jam 3
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Produced during the Game Jam: "Gender Equality" - Impact Jam 3

The Middle ages, an historical period, but also a time of tales and legends, a clever blend of reality and of the most enchanting romantic stories. Welcome to the peaceful village of Yorringham ...Where wonderful legends sometimes hide a dark reality...

NotePatch #1

Additions of the new version:

  • Add new dialogues for Ethelfelda ans Fayette.
  • Add of 2 new musics.
  • Add "retry" button.
  • Add new charaters, Woodruff and Godfried.
  • Add new layer of parallax.
  • Upgrade of backgrounds.

Warning! Some dialogues bugs for the moment. We fix it soon!

NotePatch #0

Warning! This game is in development. It's the result of a game jam (Impact Jam #3 - "Gender Equality"). This version of the game is the version that was presented at the game jam. So it's imperfect and not yet completed. Futur releases will complete the game.

For now it contains:

  • 2 characters with 2 dialogues.
  • A fully random ending.
  • One short musical theme with a variation. Future corrections and add ons :
  • On cell phone, the game is SLOOOW. We're working on it!
  • New characters and dialogues.
  • A new ost.
  • And other features!

The 32bits, 64bits, Mac, Linux and Android versions of the game are downloadable here:

Below is a short summary of how to install a development environment on your PC:


Source Code

You can download the sources of the game here by clicking the green button "Clone or Download", then "Open in Desktop"!

Android Build

You must install Android Studio and then configure Unity (Edit => Preferences ... => External Tools) by entering the installation path of your Android SDK:

SDK = C:/Users/USER/AppData/Local/Android/sdk
JDK = C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_121
NDK = C:/Users/USER/AppData/Local/Android/sdk/android-ndk-r10e

For more information, see the detailed procedure in the Unity documentation:

Lua syntax for dialogs (.txt files)

say "Blablabla " it's the character at the door who speaks, and choose {" Blablabla "} it's the one who answer. If the text is too long, just split a say "Blablablabla" into two say "Blabla" and say "blabla".

When we have several choices of answers : choice = choose { " Blabla", " Bliblu" }. The choice variable is 1 or 2 depending on the choice of the player, and use a goto to go further into the file. For example goto AB go to below the ::AB:: line. We use the convention ABA to say for example : 1st choice then 2nd choice then 1st choice (when there is no choice it goes directly to the next line without goto).


Done by: Lorelei in graphics, Yvan in programming and Jason in sound!