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Interact is a developer platform for interactive art. It is sponsored by Musica, Impulse Center for Music and C-Takt.

To learn more about Interact, please refer to the project's website. You will find a binary download and documentation on that site.

Interact is actually a combination of different projects tied together. There is a windows development application and server, and clients exist for Android and Raspberry PI (using Windows Iot). Projects used inside Interact are:

  • YSE: an very performant (3D) sound engine with DSP functionality, currently running on the server and the android client;
  • YAP: a visual patcher system;
  • OSCGui: a C# Gui library with a focus on audio interfaces;
  • OSCTree: a C# routing library to facilitate internal message routing in an OSC like manner.

All the libraries above are developed by yvan vander sanden.

The Interact Server also uses the Actipro SyntaxEditor and the .NET Language Add-on. If you are a developer and you do not have a license for these products, please open the server's project properties - Build page and remove the conditional compilation symbol WithSyntaxEditor. This will still allow you to work on most of the code, but not on the parts that require the Code Editor.

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