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Tools to help creating legends (or key map) for mapnik or Openstreetmap based maps.

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Set of tools to create a legend (or mapkey) of an Openstreetmap Map with

The core of the project is that rendered a small 
pic with given tags, size and shape against a mapnik style sheet.
It make use of the osm datasource in mapnik, and does not need any sql
database. Simple and easy !

Mapnik 0.7.2 dev branch is required.
=> svn co mapnik-0.7.2

Usage exemple:
    Put in the same directory as osm.xml, then:
      >>>from RenderLegendElement import renderLegendElement
      >>>renderLegendElement("osm.xml", 'line',["[highway]='primary'","[bridge]='yes'"],18, 50, 'output.png')
    That's it!
     _ mapnik stylesheet
     _ elementType: point, line, square, rectangle, pointtext, linetext,
       lineshield, squaretext, rectangletext, squarepoint, smallline
     _ tagList python style ["[key1]='value1'", "[key2]='value2'"]
     _ zoom level
     _ imageWidth, image heigth is calculated, and anyway the output is
       cropped to its smallest extent to make page formatting more concise.
     _ output image filename
      _ png image of width =< 'width'
How it works:
      First, the stylesheet is serialized to include all external 
    references. Then create_legend_stylesheet() create a new stylesheet
    to be use directly with osm datasource plugin, avoiding the need to 
    create a postgres database.
    To provide a render as close as possible to the original stylesheet,
    any sql query from the <layer> part is translated into a <filter> in
    the <style> sections. 
     The mapnik osm datasource plugin does not features (yet ?) the 
    osm2pgsql complex handling of polygons.
    Thus area features (ie rectangle and squares) are affected with a tag
    [is_area]='yes' and all rules from the style sheet not featuring a 
    PolygonSymbolizer are modified with "and not ([is_area]='yes')" to 
    avoid rendering artifacts.
    Central points and 'name' should be described with rectanglepoint 
    and rectangletext elements, resp. squarepoint and squaretext.

    legend_compact.xml is a legend descriptor file dedicated to create 
    formated html legend with several element in a line.
    It (should) contains all the elements rendered by the slippy map 
    except turning circles which are not handled by shows how to render pics of every legend elemnts from 
    legend_compact.xml. is a faster (2x) version of the above, calling 
    directly functions create_legend_stylesheet() and createOsmElement()
    to avoid complete parsing of the stylesheet for each legend element.
    An example of use of legend_compact.xml and pics of legend elements
    pre-rendered with can be seen here:

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