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This repo contain links to ongoing project and shipped project.


1 Trask:

Trask is an iOS app that help user to easily share their tasks, on this project I:

  • Developed the full back end with multiple resources and relational database (postgresql)
  • deploy on heroku and AWS s3
  • I ruby and the rails framework to build the server.
  • I design and implement auto layout on every view controller on the client app.

Link to appStore : Trask

client Repo: client

server repo: server

2 ShowBix

Designed and developed from scratch an iOS app that reminds users via push notification when a new episode of their favorite TV show is about to air. in this project I:

  • develop an algorithm that goes through Themoviedb API to do retrieve show information
  • Use YouTube API to play each new episode trailer
  • Implement push notification and handle multithreading.
  • Implement different libraries such as moya mapper, custom collection view(FS Page View)

client repo: client

3 KalMoney

Kalmoney is a money management iOS mobile application that gives users the ability to visualize and manage daily expenses on a calendar, set daily expense goals, receive a push notification when they exceed their goal, and allowing users to track their spendings by type, month, and location.

client Repo: client