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"yvt" - Most of the code, Japanese translation
"Dany0" - System profiler, ideas, etc.
"learn_more" - CMake support, server browser, ideas, Win32 build guide
"iamgreaser" - AoS 0.76 protocol support
"Ericson2314" - Better installation guide
"JoJoe_Stinky" - Win32 Icon, Killfeed icons
"theunknownxy" - Fixes for the Linux support
"noway421" - Russian translation, various testing, ideas
"pandaro" - Improvements to the Minimap
"kmsi" - Korean translation
"tungdil" - German translation
"feikname" - Brazilian Portuguese translation, GUI ideas, wiki maintenance
"VelocityRa" - Repo maintenance, VS2015 support, better random generator
"Mailaender" - FreeDesktop definitions fixes
"Chameleonhider" - Configurable player name drawing
"CenturionFox" - Server Disconnect Screen
"DarkDracoon" - European Portuguese translation
"BrunoDiazU" - Spanish translation
And many others which weren't mentioned here.