OpenSpades 0.1.0

@yvt yvt released this Dec 26, 2016 · 104 commits to master since this release

OpenSpades banner

For Windows 8.1 or earlier users: While launching OpenSpades, you might get an error message that says api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0 is missing from your computer. If this happens, applying this Windows Update will solve the problem.

For macOS users: See this wiki page if you're having trouble starting OpenSpades.

See Trello for a more comprehensive list of new/updated features.



New Features

  • First person view for spectate by noway421 (#328)
  • Minimap improvements by pandaro (#340)
  • Configurable player name drawing by Chameleonhider (#384)
  • Display spectators in scoreboard by VelocityRa (#466)
  • Right click to mark favorite servers by theunknownxy (#465)
  • More game experience options by yvt (5e3b41b)
  • Mumble support by L0L022 (#413)

Operating System Support

  • OpenBSD support by devnexen (#477)

Locale Support

  • Polish translation by Kuzyn (#309)
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation by feikname (#408)
  • European Portuguese translation by DarkDracoon (#485)
  • (Preliminary) custom TTF/OTF font support by yvt (#484)
  • Language switcher by yvt (2be6524)

Known Issues

  • A graphical glitch can be visible if Volumetric Fog is enabled (#447)
  • Vertical fog is still existent when the software renderer is selected.


Following binary packages are provided:

  • for Windows users
  • for macOS users

OpenSpades-0.1.0.pdb.7z is NOT needed unless you're a developer and intend to debug OpenSpades.

Additionally, non-English users are encouraged to download NotoFonts.pak. It contains beautifully designed Noto Fonts distributed by Google, which cover all languages supported by OpenSpades. It can be installed by copying it to the Resource directory.


OpenSpades 0.0.12b

@yvt yvt released this Jun 23, 2014 · 431 commits to master since this release


This version is outdated. See this for the latest version.

To access the startup configuration window, hit space bar quickly (< 1sec) as soon as a splash screen becomes visible.

IMPORTANT NOTICE OpenSpades 0.0.12 had a bug that caused fog to disappear completely. Download 0.0.12b and delete 0.0.12. (OS X version is not affected)


  • Some bugs related to the software renderer was fixed (7c46159)
  • Crouch jumping now works correctly.
  • Addressed the issue that caused OpenSpades to fail to connect certain servers. (987ed84)
  • German/Korean translation added. (cf2d19b)
  • Fixed the issue that caused to bypass the startup window by default.
  • Player movement got closer to one of AoS 0.75/0.76β. (9a7f943)
  • New OpenGL renderer feature: linear HDR rendering pipeline, as well as r_exposureValue.
  • Addressed the issue that caused OpenSpades to fail launching when it's contained in directory path which has non-ASCII characters.

Removed Features

  • "Volumetric Fog" was removed.

Notes for OS X users

Due to recent changes in the security system of Mac OS X, you might see the message that says "it can't opened because it is from an unidentified developer" when you try to launch OpenSpades by double clicking the application icon. This can be circumvented by right-clicking the icon, and then clicking "Open".

screen shot 2016-07-14 at 4 44 42 pm

Another option will pop up. Click "Open" to launch OpenSpades.

screen shot 2016-07-14 at 4 44 54 pm


OpenSpades 0.0.11

@yvt yvt released this Apr 2, 2014 · 561 commits to master since this release


This version is outdated. Click here for the latest version.

After 4 months since the last release... OpenSpades 0.0.11 is out.

To access the startup configuration window, hit space bar quickly while a splash screen is visible, right after you launched the program.

YSR and software renderer included.

Manual (incomplete) is available here.

EDIT OS X version (0.0.11-OSX-3) now includes some required libraries.
EDIT OS X version (0.0.11-OSX-4) now configured correctly to use included libraries.
EDIT OS X version (0.0.11-OSX-5) defaults to OS X built-in OpenAL library. You have to remove ~/Library/Application Support/OpenSpades/Resources/SPConfig.cfg if you have used one of older versions.
EDIT supports Windows XP.


  • Mac OS X supported (but might not work on 10.7 and earlier)
  • GUI localization support (currently, Russian & Japanese translations are available)
  • JPEG/PNG screenshot (cg_screenshotFormat). Smaller file size compared to TGA. Easier to upload to websites.
  • Revised, easier-to-use startup window
  • Statistics display which includes ping and network traffics (cg_stats, or Setup→Game Options→Misc→Show Statistics)
  • Some settings can be changed from the chat window (i.e. /cg_hidehud 1) warning: changing certain settings might crash the program.
  • Navigate through chat history with up/down arrow keys
  • Variable chat window size (cg_chatHeight, in percentage)
  • You can invert Y-axis input (cg_invertMouseY, or Setup→Controls→Invert Y-axis Mouse Input)
  • Addressed an issue that some models look broken (#213)

Added/Updated Features

  • Hit detection debugger
  • Bullet impact effect against water
  • caplimit is shown in the scoreboard
  • cg_smp is now working correctly
  • Switch to the last selected tool
  • Map can be opened when you're dead
  • YSR became faster.
  • More variety of sounds
  • Better compatibility with AoSβ
  • Many small bugs fixed

Known Issues

  • IME might not work. Please test and report whether it works.
  • Locale detection might not work. You might have to specify cg_locale manually.

Thanks to

Coders including noway, theunknownxy, and learn_more, and many people that reported issues.

(please tell me if I've forgotten to mention someone)


OpenSpades 0.0.10 w/Software Renderer

@yvt yvt released this Jan 1, 2014

Happy new year!

Hold Shift key while launching the program to access the startup configuration window.

EDIT (Jan 3, 2014): supports Windows XP.

New Features

Since 0.0.95u (Unofficial)

  • Some little fixes
  • Chat log viewer
  • Handles up to five mouse buttons
  • Supports CP437 character set, which is used by the original AoS
  • Built-in font now covers accented latin alphabets
  • Unicode fonts included (however, this is disabled by default. Take a look at the included Official Mods directory)
  • r_occlusionQuery defaults to 0 (work-around for #106)

Since 0.0.9

  • New GUI
  • Keyboard shortcut in limbo menu (thanks to learn_more)
  • Killfeed images and program icon (thanks of JoJoe_Stinky)
  • 3D iron sights (note: this breaks mod compatibility for weapon skins that doesn't include script files)
  • Partial unicode support
  • Partial IME support via SDL 2.0 (unfortunately, CJK IMEs actually doesn't work on the current version)
  • Addressed a bug that caused third-party pak files to be completely unusable
  • Mouse acceleration control
  • Chat notify sound can be muted
  • Increased weapon accuracy to match the original AoS
  • Color specification method of 2D images was changed to allow additive blending

Experimental Components Included

These components are currently considered unstable and might be removed in the future release.


YSR is a experimental 3D HDR sound engine suited for headphones. Choose YSR in "Audio" group of the startup window's setup tab, put your headphones on, and have a fun.

SSE3 enhanced CPU is required. Latest dual-core CPU is recommended.

YSRSpades.dll includes the HRTF measurement data of a KEMAR dummy-head microphone.

Software Renderer

An experimental non-Voxlap software renderer is included in this build. We have good news and bad news: the bad one is that it runs 4x slower than Voxlap. The good one is that it makes good use of modern multi-core processors. It also features "fast mode".


OpenSpades 0.0.9

@yvt yvt released this Oct 31, 2013 · 1088 commits to master since this release

  • Many new visual effects (DoF, lit particles, new water renderer)
  • Some effects are updated and some are more optimized
  • Tools (spade, block, weapons, grenade) are now scriptable
  • Weapon spread visualizer (cg_debugAim)
  • Variable radiosity precision (set cg_radiosity to 1 or 2)
  • Some bug fixes, and many changes


  • You might experience your video driver crashing (ex. computer becomes completely unresponsible for some seconds) after enabling the new water renderer. In this case, setting r_occlusionQuery to 0 will solve this problem at the cost of the performance.
  • This version ( is compiled with MSVC (thanks to learn_more), which means a binary of much better quality (faster, stable, ...).


OpenSpades 0.0.8b

@yvt yvt released this Sep 3, 2013 · 1270 commits to master since this release

Fixed serious bugs:

  • Global Illumination crashes on Windows (the root cause is still unknown)
  • cg_protocolVersion defaulted to empty value, which resulted in connection failure

Note: Version number in "About" tab says 0.0.8. OpenSpades.exe's file size is smaller in 0.0.8b than in 0.0.8.


OpenSpades 0.0.8

@yvt yvt released this Sep 2, 2013 · 1274 commits to master since this release

  • Better consistency between OpenSpades and the official AoS 0.75
  • Extended key mapping
  • System Profile tab
  • Automatic system compability checking
  • Mouse sensitivity scale which is used when you're aiming down a sight (cg_zoomedMouseSensScale)
  • Tracer
  • Water 2
  • Server Browser (thanks to learn_more)
  • Network usage reduced
  • Bug fixes


OpenSpades 0.0.7

@yvt yvt released this Aug 27, 2013 · 1375 commits to master since this release

  • Default keys for player movement were changed to match ones of the original AoS 0.75
  • Physics was fixed
  • Local view weapon is no longer disturbing while aiming
  • Added killfeed window
  • Chat log is recorded
  • Now you can switch between tools by mouse wheel
  • Better support for OpenGL 2.x video drivers
  • Support for AoS 0.76 protocol
  • Large map view (hit n to toggle)
  • Bug fixes


OpenSpades 0.0.6

@yvt yvt released this Aug 25, 2013 · 1399 commits to master since this release

  • 221% faster volumetric fog algorithm
  • Blending is now done in sRGB color space
  • Default held block color is fixed
  • Lens flare now looks really bright
  • Some performance improvement
  • More correct behavior of guns (spreads, etc...)
  • Log output (useful for diagnostics)
    For Windows, log file is usually C:\users(username here)\Application Data (or AppData) \OpenSpades\Resources\SystemMessages.log
  • Now detects missing OpenGL function, instead of just crashing
  • Fixed some bugs
    • Screenshot now works on Windows


OpenSpades 0.0.5

@yvt yvt released this Aug 22, 2013 · 1423 commits to master since this release

  • Volumetric Fog (Enabled by setting Direct Lighting to High)
  • Lens Flare (Enabled by turning Lens Sim. on)
  • Improved compatibility of soft particle